Zoo Zoo

I have had a thing for abstract things these days. That is why I like the latest Vodafone ad which has got these ZooZoo, which are human bodies with egg shaped heads, uttering gibberish and emoting all human moods.

The expression of mirth in the Girl Zoo Zoo on seeing the lover-boy and how it turns into anger when annoyed in the Love Guru.

The innocent, blushing girl Zoo-Zoo in the Call Filter which turns into a shock.

The proud, conceited Star of the Match Zoo-Zoo with that grin when given all the attention in the world.

The hearty Laugh of the Zoo-Zoo , experiencing something that is loved in the Magic Box.

Disappointment in the Girl Zoo-Zoo in the Maps on Vodafone. 

Sense of sharing and an act of kindness in the Chota Credit Zoo-Zoo.

Joy of the kid zoo-zoo in playing a game of See-saw in the Live Games.

Keep the faith attitude enacted in the Bhakti Sagar.

The boyish Zoo-Zoo cheerfully "Running behind girl" with "Bottomless optimism" till the lady-love smiles back on the Roaming ad.

Annoyal and depression when someone copies your fashion statement in the Fashion Tips Zoo-Zoo ad. Girls, out there, you know what I mean.

Had real human beings been used in those ads, I doubt if they would have touched our hearts in this subtle way. 

What we see in these Zoo Zoo s is a manifestation of everyday feeling and emotions, those that we lost  somewhere along life's way when we were all busy growing up and are now too shy to express. It feels empty and inhuman to think of the fact that anger is the only emotion that we are capable of expressing. 
Search for the Zoo-Zoo in you and don't be too shy to grin sheepishly, to scream when you are afraid , to blush when complimented, to rejoice when pampered, to laugh heartily when happy. 
Spread the Zoo-Zoo cheer.
Thank You, Vodafone. We are delighted with your characters which are all the human emotions zoo-zoofied.  
Go on, Take the What Zoo-Zoo are you? Quiz 
The Cool ZooZoo is placing her 2 pennies on her fellow ZooZoos.