Of Hope

I saw the world with you.
I dreamt a dream for you.
I wished that I live that dream with you.

Disaster struck, I lost my eyes.
Despite pain, despite depression,
I kept the hope alive, my dreams unshattered.

And I knew even without the guidance of my eyes,
With just my heart, I will be able to find you one day.

Some call it, Blind Hope, Blind Trust, Luck.

But the Blind Me, just feels thus, "I was meant to discover you back".

If you love something, set it free. If it comes back to you, it's yours. if it doesn't it never was.
I set something free, the loss pained me, I lost all means to find it back myself ( like my bleeding eye), but I wished for it with all my heart.

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Good byes remind us of farewell speeches about memories, vote of thanks emotional moments, alcohol enhanced parties, exchange of gifts and all the good to bid good-bye to something that has been ours all the while and welcome/be forced into the new.

Some of these are the most awaited ones with so much anticipation, but when the day is there to say good-bye, it feels sad and you wage a war with yourself thinking why you even wished for such a day.

Some of these are the most dreaded ones with a heart rending and fighting to get out of the comfort zone, to enter a new world.

Some of these are forced on us, by situations dumping it on us, to let go of things and relationships.

Some of these are inevitable and age and time gets the better of us and bring us to these good-bye moments.

The hugs, the speeches made, the gifts exchanged and the drinks musings, are all only answer to get over with the Good-Bye Day. The mind goes through a lot more before it decides what to feel about the thing that is here to say good-bye to. The mind does not know whether to let it go without a tinge of fear, since it was the mind itself that longed for it. Or to try and let it go by cursing life for being merciless and forcing the farewell and then wake up after the hangover to only realize that the trial was not successful. Let it go with a whole world of joy, since it was much longed for and the new can only be good. Let it go by forcing the mind to only think of what the future has to hold, to welcome it with a new bounce of enthusiasm with some doozie dreams.

Have all good-byes been good? Why are they termed thus?
Time will answere and help us realize if the byes that we bid are good and the new has only been better with some wishes fulfilled, dreams realized and you hold fond memories of your good-bye and the old days; or the good-byes have been bad because the new have been chosen too early or luck haven't been at your side and you wish you didn't say the good-bye and longing to go back;or the most painful of all being you are still indecisive of whether the forced good-bye on you has been good or not, life does not give you a chance to get back to the old, and you know not if the future without the thing you said good-bye to is going to be good or bad?
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