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After fighting a tough battle with the cruel world, with a mustered up brave front, I return back.
To tell you my darkest fears and to reveal my cowardly self.

After celebrating glorious successes, de boarding from a fly-high trip with some of the jealous world and some of the genuine world , I return back.
To listen to a speech about "how not to get lost in the success-comfort-zone" and to get my head back on my shoulders.

After going through a bout of hope-drain, having fought back tears of agony, I return back.
To cry them out to you and listen to your piece of advice to "take care of myself" and to keep up the hope.

After making a mistake, which escapes the eyes of the world, I return back.
To plead guilty since no mistake escapes your ever scrutinizing eye.

After taking that biggest step, the life changing decision, biding good-bye to the old, I return back.
To whisper my loneliness rant to you and to get rest assured that "all is going to be good".

After all things good and bad, after the many brave, cowardly, hopeless, successful, worthless facades and bouts that I go through during the day, I return back to thee, my subconscious mind, my pillow, to show you who I really am and to get my batteries recharged. Be it, a happy day or a not-so-good, my heart cries out for this time to RETURN back to you.
Even an insomniac knows what it is to return back to the pillow, where you hold secret conversations with the sub conscious mind. The one that reveals to you all that you truly are which even the best mirror in the world can't.
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