Tomorrow - Part 8 - The misty eyed Parting Tomorrows

This post is about our Strong feelings for Tomorrow, when it is time to part with our dearest, close-to-heart people/things. More than the actual day of parting, the feelings in imagination of the day that is going to be tomorrow are emotional and you find it difficult to get that over with.  
When it is parting time tomorrow, you feel like this, and wish for that parting time not to come.  

How many of such Parting Tomorrows have you had  

Tomorrow is my school farewell - All the days of swamped homework don't seem horrible anymore and you don't want tomorrow to come for it would never being able to wear that school uniform.  

Tomorrow is my College Farewell - All those boring lectures seem heavenly and you don't want tomorrow because it would mean that you no-longer wear the student tag and is feeling insecure about being on your own. No more phone calls to discuss professors, tests, semester exams. The identity you had as a student is going to be taken away and you got to be on your own to find yourself an identity.  

Tomorrow my best friend leaves the country - With this person whom you did not have to think of whether busy, in the middle of sleep, but walk into the house or pick up the phone to talk/to cry/to laugh/to gossip is not going to be available for you suddenly. Did you ever think that such a tomorrow will come when you have to part with that friend whom you never thought was outside of you.  

Tomorrow is the last day at my workplace - Not the same faces, not the same luxury, not the same brand, not the same team, not the same colleagues. Not the same tomorrow as today. It is time to bid it farewell. Oh dear, all for the better, why don't you want to think.  

Tomorrow is the last day in this city - Moving places, not the same people, not the same neighbors, not the same roads, not the same eat outs, not the same language. Not the same address.  

Tomorrow is the last day of my vacation - Back to work, like all good things this too came to an end. Did you really have to take it, if you knew you were going to feel this bad that it is coming to an end. Tomorrow is Monday, back to work.  {Sulk}

Tomorrow is the last day in this house - Moving to a new home, even with all that happiness and joy, there is that hollow in your heart to what has been a part of you all these years or even decades.  

Heart-wrenching though it was to think of those tomorrows, they came and you lived through it because time is the answer to any dear thing parted with, however dearest they were. Life goes on after the good-byes be it a parted relationship, or a best friend, or a neighbor or a city or a room mate that you parted with.  

Like how you had to part with all those things-so-dear and went through misery the previous day and finding it difficult to think of the tomorrow without them, you have to part with every day in life. Because tomorrow is no one's to hold it for ever. 

As you bid your today good-bye, remember that you need to bid farewell to every tomorrow. They will come not a moment late and just how they came, they will leave you just in time, even if beg and plead for it stay. No tomorrow can stay longer or go away sooner, but will rub some of its magic charm on you or cast its evil spell, you have to part with it.  
Every tomorrow is going to die and will get reborn as the next tomorrow and they all are fondly remembered as Yesterdays then.  
Good Bye, So long Today and Welcome Tomorrows.

P.S: I am not going to part with my tomorrow series, yet. The theme with continue on this blog along with the Beautiful theme for September. Looking forward to Beautiful Tomorrows.

Tomorrow - Part 7 - Tomorrow is Monday

Mondays are special tomorrows in their own right associated with a myriad of feelings which varied through the different stages of life. 

Sunday's Tomorrow - Stage 0:
Time with Dad at home for lots of pampering and fighting for you at home for reduced study time. Swamped with homework.

Tomorrow is Monday, So I have to wear Monday's special uniform for school?

Sunday's Tomorrow - Stage 1:
When you came back home on Friday evening and got that permission for extra play time, you swore to yourself that you would study diligently on Saturday but you now don't remember how the Saturday went by. Now, it s the Sunday and tomorrow is that Monday and you have in your hand lots of unfinished assignments, unprepared for tests and you are in a mess. 

And you start wishing thus
I swear that I will not wait till the last minute for the next Monday's test. 
Hope my Math teacher falls sick tomorrow or does not check homework tomorrow.
Hope my Science teacher forgets the scheduled test tomorrow.

Sunday's Tomorrow - Stage 2:
Movies, shop-outs with friends, late Sunday breakfasts, eat-out lunches with pocket money, beaches, long phone-calls discussing the Monday's tests and time-table with no plans though to study for them. 

What shall I wear tomorrow?

Sunday's Tomorrow - Stage 3:
Gaping at the list made for the weekend like clean the wardrobe, clean the room,laptop, change the covers, do the left over bits at work, write those long pending work emails, shop for that birthday which is a month away.  Can tick off nothing from that list as done, it is already Sunday evening. 

Why is it still Sunday morning in that cursed US of A timezone, I am so J when chatting with the friend in that timezone. My Sunday is drawing to a close while theirs is yet to begin.
How much of that list can wait till the next Sunday, surely the cleaning stuff can wait.

It is Monday tomorrow, Hope you had a great weekend, have a beautiful Monday, tomorrow to mark a great week.

Tomorrow - Part 6 - The decision making tomorrows

Whatever our life is today, and what it will be tomorrow is because of the decisions that we have made consciously or unconsciously at the various stages of our life.
This post is about what we went through before the day we had to make those decisions?  

Conscious decision making days: 
What was our mindset and what did we go through the previous day when we knew that it was decision making time , tomorrow? Restless, confused, mentally waging a war within the contradictory decisions that keep crossing the mind, fretting and fuming while weighing the pros and cons of the many options.

Why did there have to be choices at all, that too for this most important decision of mine? I don't want to decide, could it not have been one of those unconscious decisions? 
We get all worked up and ask friends for suggestions on what decision we should take, though we secretly want them to give the answer that we had already decided in our sub-conscious mind. We fought with ourselves, trying to calm our mind, trying to talk to our inner-souls and trying to counsel our minds that the decision we take is going to be a wise one.  
Now, so much thought had gone into that decision which was made the next day, tomorrow. The decision was made , life went on. But what makes our tomorrows beautiful is the ability to accept those decisions that we made in life and to not regret them.  

Unconscious decision making days: These were the occasions when our sub conscious minds were not aware of the decisions we are making. But while retrospecting on the things in our life, most of the happiest things in our life have been the result of these unconscious decision making.  
Our best tomorrows are dedicated to these unconscious decisions (that we actually did not really make). The greatest example of these unconscious decisions are the friends we made along life's way.

A new look - But is gone

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Tomorrow, I should be able to find out to bring them back.
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I will find mine tomorrow

Tomorrow - Part 5 - The no-expectation tomorrows: Gifts or curses?

This is about some tomorrows about which you gave no thought. The thought of it never crossed your mind even for a split second, yeah, they were fine to take care of themselves, you did not have to worry! It was neither those happy tomorrow for which you needed to prepare and welcome it with all reverie, nor was it those scary tomorrow which needed your rebuke , spite , curse and threatening.

These tomorrows of mine were just left to take shape on its own , not wishing for, not planning for, no yardstick set for it to fall short of or for it to exceed. Some of such tomorrows have gone by without leaving a trace but some such tomorrows have caught me unawares and taken me on a roller coaster ride both happy and sad. 

One never expected anything specific for a gift. Did one? So Such toomorrows when they were given to me, were just carefully unpacked , enjoyed , cherished and put back to be treasured. Yeah, only because those tomorrows were gifts.

Rather, if they turned out to be bad, they were just left to be and just not blamed only because I did not treat as one of those most-dreaded-tomorrows.

How many of your no-expectation tomorrows turned out to be gifts and how many of them as curses?
Most of mine have been gifts :). 
Sleep a peaceful night expecting nothing for tomorrow , after all it is a Saturday (gift) tomorrow.

Tomorrow - Part 4- The Most dreaded tomorrows

After having my share of the fondly awaited tomorrow, life's been fair to me in giving me the right mix of the contary tomorrows too, those that wished would never come. 

From the negligible level of stage fear to the darkest fears of the inexplicable things , I have hoped against hope for that tomorrow to not come, for it to never become morning, and no trace of what is going to happen the next day to cross my mind, I was horrified by the very fact that it was already night and only sleep can keep me separated from that day and wanted that night to be longer than ever. But all these prayers went unanswered , and that much dreaded tomorrow came grinning spitefully without any delay of even a single second. 

Did I not deserve even for it to come late? How cruel was it , I thought.

Those same sleepless nights, longer showers and the unending reveries with sulking faces from those happy tomorrows marked a different emotion today. 
Those such tomorrows were however lived bitterly with all the grudge in the world and never wished for again. Things of that day could never to rewound back but only silently asked for it to never happen again. 

If your day today  is one such where you are dreading the tomorrow, then I am not going to advise you to try and be happy, but hate it with all the energy you have got, curse it with all your heart's vengeance, wreak all your malice on it, vent your anger out so that instead of you dreading it any longer, it will never muster up any courage to even come near you.

Tomorrow-Part 3- Preparing for tomorrows

After the todays as toddlers in the last post, as we grew up, we became more aware and conscious and were busy many todays in just preparing for tomorrow.

How best dressed can I go tomorrow to flaunt my new hairdo?
Why is there a night before it can be morning for that much longed day?
What is my first day in this new school going to be like?
What is going to be my best moment during this tour?
How am I going to react to my birthday wishes and those special gifts tomorrow?
What is it going to be like tomorrow when I give that birthday card that I read so many times and signed it with my best signature for my best friend?

The answers to these were lived and rehearsed multiple times through sleepless nights, longer showers and unending reveries , while being in a hurry for the tomorrow to come.

Come on. Don't be guilty and shy. Dream up your doozies and be in a hurry to go and tell your tomorrow* that you are revelling in the beauty of life and that you are reliving it just the way your dreamt it up the previous day. Am in a hurry to.

*The future to come.

Tomorrow - Part 2 - The misspelt Tomorrow Days

In my last post, I talked about the many tomorrows, the degree of anticipation varied with no known pattern over the years as we grew up. 
This post will talk about the Tomorrow - When we learnt to spell the word as toddlers.

As little ones, when the thought of tomorrow was only about , 

Will I get to play with my new toy the next day?
Will I get Play Time in the next days timetable?
Is the next day a Saturday?
Will Dad be back home early atleast the next day to take me out for grocery shopping and to relieve me from mom's homework grip?
Why is mum making me spell the word Tommorrow Tomorrow  so many times for the next day's spelling test?
Will I get extra time to play before I picked up from school the next day?
Will mom buy me that toy that my neighbor had?

Most of them were Questions about tomorrow that we asked ,the answers for which we got from my parents. The answers convinced us , made us happy and all was simple, easy and sweet.

I still remember my school times when I consciously spelt the word TOMORROW and now, I see myself being conscious of the Tomorrows itself. We don't only ask questions to ourselves about our tomorrows but choose to answer it ourselves, get dissatisfied with our own answers, try a different answer and by the time we figure out how best we can answer, the tomorrow is there. 
The best of our tomorrows were the ones we were unconcious about and we hold the key to our better tomorrows.
To a happier tomorrow.


Something that still not IS, something is not YET, something that WILL BE.

The Tomorrow - Everyone's dream.

It is a magic word in every man's life, the ray of a hope, the charm of a brighter, better day, the happiness of the things that are to be. From an innocent kid to an old lady, from the rags to the riches, from a rebellious teenager to a responsible young parent, from a successful businessman to a daily wages lay man, from a worried student to a frivolous college chap, it is a hope, it is a dream, it is an anticipation of a better today.

Having lived the many tomorrows, some dreaded ones, some happy ones, some excited ones, some longed-for ones, some can't-wait-for-it-to-come ones, some why-can't-the-night-stay ones we have all had our share of the tomorrows.

What can be a better tomorrow than to live it with the feeling and recollect that it was exactly what you had dreamt of the previous day. Is that what they call Living a Dream?
Here's to many more such tomorrows that are to come to me and to leave me with mirth.

This theme will stay on my blog for the rest of the month to bring my many tomorrows in the different phases of my life and the tomorrows that I see in the life of others around me.

Until Tomorrow, God Sped.
ALL WILL BE, tomorrow.

I picked up the theme up from and I hope to write everyday for the rest of this month on it. Though the theme is optional, I am going to try maximum to stick to it.
P.S: Watch this space tomorrow for more.

The Cream and Scum of blogging

Though I was not part of the Blog-A-Tonic for last month, I liked this topic. I came to know about Blog-A-Tonic from Daisy Blue when I visited her blog. Sounded good so I enrolled myself for the following month's Blog-A-Tonic. If I successfully submit my post to their Blog-Marathon this month, then I am going to include that badge in my blog.

I am borrowing this topic from Blog-A-Ton for want of keeping my blog alive and the selfish reason of feeling good about writing.

Since I liked their topic a good deal, I thought of writing about it in my blog. I have tried my hand at blogging in a couple of blogs in the past and started this one of late, with the intention of keeping it a place where I can place my "2 pence" on things like books, movies, people and life in general.

Here are my TWO PENNIES on Blogging

The Cream :
Keeping a journal of things that you hold dear, things that touch in a pleasant way helps you psychologically and it is proved medically thus. From my personal experience I have felt that whenever I have put something that has touched me in a blog or in writing, I realise how deeply I feel for such things than when I just remember it in my heart. It is an elated feeling when people unknown to you read your blog, like the way you write and leave a comment or two in your blog. It is a great way of making friends. More often than not, your writing style, the things you write passionately about, the things that put you off get revealed in your blog and you paint a picture of yourself on your blog page.

When I just want to vent out anger I am feeling with a boss, friend, family, when I am on a guilt trip about spending too much, fight with a friend, working too hard, not having time for family and friends, when I am all excited about some happy things in life, when I am deeply saddened by something , when I am just not feeling up to it at work, and at that point in time, when I want to say it to some one, and I realise that every friend of mine whom I can think of calling is busy for a phone call and when no friend is near for me to drop by for a cup of coffee,then I turn to my BLOG.

I am usually amazed whenever I read my blogs and realise how much I had been touched by that moment/event that I have blogged about and feel good about it now. Regular blogging can be considered a healthy time pass and a great way to express yourself to the world outside and be heard by others easily.

To me, Blogging is one of the Little somethings in life that I hold dear and love to do. For all the things I feel and want to say and every thing that is to be, it is my dear Blog. Though I don't update the three blogs I own so regularly, I hold them dear, because they make me smile whenever I go to them.

The Scum:
A blog can frustrate you when you think that many things about you are known to way too many people, which if not for the blog, none other than some hand picked friend of yours would have known. It can sometimes make you feel too naked about yourself. However, this is something that can be kept in control by the blog author. Then, the flip side about everything on-line is the spam comments and the stupid people wanting to know about you. This too is true with any social networking activity like blogging, orkut, facebook and the likes.

Weighing the cream and the scum, the cream takes over and wins hands down in my world.
Start yourself a blog and express yourself in words to yourself and to others. Trust me, it is a happy thing.