All's well that ends well!

My last mile run is complete and I have done it, something that I wanted to do for a long long time, to be regular on my blog. 

My challenge to blog 30 posts in 30 days is completed in perfect style. 
Like I said yesterday, though I feel like this about parting with my theme, endings are beautiful. 

End of some phases in life gave way to new more successful ones.
End of some todays gave way to more beautiful tomorrows.
End of some friendships revealed some lovelier, stronger relationships.

A end marks great memories to carry ahead, to hold dear , to cherish and to mark a new beginning. 


Tomorrow - Part 27 - Tomorrow is my last Tomorrow/Beautiful Series Post

I am shifting away from the Beautiful theme for today, because I want to talk about Tomorrow which is going to be my last Theme Post in my blog. I got into Theme Blogging about a month ago (Precisely on August 24th) when I posted this. I picked up the themes from NaBloPoMo for August and September , Tomorrow and Beautiful. With about 26 posts on Tomorrow and 9 posts on Beautiful, I am running my last mile now tomorrow and will complete my 30 blogs in 30 days for the month of September.  

During this time, I had drafted a hundred drafts in my mind, in rough scraps, on my iTouch while on travel and "What to write Tomorrow" has been a persistent thought in my mind everyday.  

This blog that started as a review blog, with me placing my "two pennies" on the things I read and watched has now transformed into a blog that gave vent to a lot of new things like Theme blogging.  

I thoroughly enjoyed this blog ride the whole of this month, all thanks for the motivation goes to nablopomo. I am waiting for my badge "I DID IT beautifully" for the month of September to showcase on my blog and you wait for the last Tomorrow/Beautiful Series post.

I feel like this today about parting with this theme.

Beautiful - Part 9 - Beautiful 10

Beautiful 10

A Beautiful Gift

A Beautiful Night
Peaceful with lovely dreams 

A Beautiful Day
A day lived with a deja-vu feeling of having seen it before in a dream

A Beautiful Morning
The one that you don't have to wake up to no alarm

A Beautiful Quality

A Beautiful Value

A Beautiful Trait

A Beautiful Moment
The moment when  one beats one s own previous best 

A Beautiful Feeling
To feel loved

A Beautiful Relationship

Beautiful - Part 8 - Beautiful Morning

Even if you have had a impatient waiting for this day like this,
Even if you have had a bad night, not wanting the morning to come like this
Mornings are beautiful. 

They symbolize hope, light and a beautiful beginning 

Though the memories of a bad yesterday haunt you, or even if you did not yet get over the magic of the yesterday, The rising sun has it own power to make you see everything with a new pair of eyes, leave back inhibitions and start the day with a new hope and optimism.

I am no great morning person or a morning fan, but the morning I am talking about here is more the meaning and the feeling it can bring than the actual time of day :). For me, only the thought of the hot cup of coffee can bring cheer to that time of day.

Good morning!

Beautiful - Part 7 - Beautiful Treasures

A thing of beauty is a joy forever. 

A moment of beauty is a joy forever by the gift of memory that the human mind is capable of. A thing of beauty is a joy forever when treasured and the memories those treasures can bring to you when looked at, after years or even decades.  

Some of my treasures:
School report cards and even answer sheets :) 
Handwritten letters shared with friends 
Pictures taken in photo studios 
Birthday cards with the year and month written in pencil behind 
Gifts saved with the wraps
First foreign currency 
Souvenirs ( even tram tickets, entry tickets to tourist spots, fridge magnets ) from around the world 
School uniforms 
Games - Scrabble tiles, Plot 4 coins, Ludo dice, Carrom coins. School and College Slam Books.  

All these things, bring back loads of memories and they being kept as treasures makes all those beautiful memories ever green in my mind.
My beautiful treasures, which help me relive my beautiful moments.

Beautiful - Part 6 - A Beautiful Creation

When God made woman, He put lots of innocence and blessed her as a baby-girl.

When God made woman, He put lots of strength in her heart and mind and told her to use during her teenage times and also all her life. 

When God made woman, He gave a new dimension to the meaning of the word "Independence", that it can't be quantified but that it is a feeling.

When God made woman, He gave her an unique identity, a rapidly thinking mind , a ever changing personality and let her know that she should never get bogged down if anyone told her, she is too complex to understand and predict. She just wasn't meant to be understood easily.

When God made woman, He practised wizardry and put a lot of magic in her and told her to rub this magic onto all her dear relationships.

When God made woman, He put unlimited love, a totally biased pair of eyes ( to see her children only) and whispered motherhood into her ears.  

When God made woman, and sent her to this big bad World, He gave her a parting gift called "female intuition" with which she can sense the Good from the Bad.

When God made woman, He did it all so perfectly and gleamed with pride seeing what He got as output. 
That look of pride on His face is what woman of the world, wear as that mesmerizing i_ll_do_anything_for_that SMILE on their faces, and carry as VANITY in their hand bags.

Being a woman, is beautiful.

Beautiful - Part 5 - Beautiful Dream

I have already written about DREAM here and said, as long as there is a DREAM alive, Tomorrow never dies. This again is a post about Beautiful Dreams.  

Sleep is a period of time, when you consciously have less control over your thoughts. The human mind in its sleep thinks unbiased , with no inhibitions, and it does not need to wage its war with the heart. It is your purest thoughts, those of your sub conscious mind that which takes predominance over you. Dreams are your thoughts, your deepest desires or your darkest fears. 

A beautiful dream is one which you wake up to, enjoy the moment, and then in a wee bit of time fades from your memory . After days, months or years, when that very same beautiful moment or situation is lived in the consciousness, while you are wide awake and a "deja-vu" effect crosses your mind, and then you realize that it had been a dream once and that you are living that dream today.  

Now that is a beautiful dream, that is a beautiful moment of a dream come true and that is a sign of a beautiful life filled with mirth.  

There are some of your worst fears sometimes that haunt you in your dreams, like a real bad dream where you see events which you just dread. It is scary and these fears manifest themselves in your dream, to remind you of your weakness and is a blessing in disguise, it is your mind's intelligent way of making you live that moment in your dream so that you don't fear it anymore. After all, fear for anything exists only till it is experienced once. So face the fear in your dream and don't fear that thing anymore and handle it with mettle when you have to live it.

Beautiful - Part 4 - My Beautiful Relationships

Having someone with whom you can just be yourself.
Having someone whom you can ask to call at my moment, any day and don't have to think a second thought and start talking without checking "Is it a right time?" (giving no respect to timezones)
Having someone to discuss that book you read.
Having someone to vent your anger on your most-hated-person and don't have to think what that someone will think of you.
Having someone to chide you angrily when you are doing something wrong.
Having someone who can hear the bad mood in your mind over the phone.
Having someone whom you can just hang up on, if you are not feeling upto it and still call back after some time and not expect your hanging up to be even mentioned.
Having someone who can predict your moods, however random you may be.

Having someone who always wishes well for you, come what may.
Having someone who take pride in anything you achieve , it never seems trivial to them because they use no yardstick.
Having someone whose happiness is a mirror image of yours.
Having someone who will show the same degree of love, despite knowing that you are not sharing your secrets with them.
Having someone who accepts you with your shortcomings.

These relationships include friends, family, colleagues or the relationship with your own inner self. 

These are beautiful relationships in my beautiful life.

Beautiful - Part 3 - My beautiful Things, My beautiful books, My beautiful Book Memories

Came across this site, CallapidderDays which is currently hosting the Fall Into Reading challenge where in you can choose a reading list and challenge yourself to finish them before Dec 2009. Sounded like a lot of fun for me to pick up some of my most wanted reads. Here goes my list..and the theme of the book
Not a penny More, not a penny less. - Revenge
Gone with the Wind - Romance and interestingly had been originally titled "Tomorrow is Another Day"
To kill a Mocking bird - Prejudice, Racism, Innocence taken for granted.
My beautiful things/possessions are the books that have I read as I grew up. They are some of my beautiful memories. Reading a book is like living in that world , reciprocating on its theme and it really makes you feel good about yourself.  
CallapidderDays  was a great challenge to read some classics for this Fall.

From the days of reading more than the allowed one-book-a-week in school library by exchanging books from friends, getting caught for reading in class and having the book held captive for  more than a week, the Sydney Sheldon teenage times, being advised by my English teacher to read every novel twice first time skipping lines for the story, the second time for the vocabularly, swearing to only become a Doctor after having read the Robin Cooks, a lawyer after the John Grishams, lending library times and the not_getting_out_of_bed summer vacations. 

No latest e-book trend nor the high-fundoo iPOD can replace the joy of holding a book in hand and reading a book  sipping tea.
My beautiful things, my beautiful memories, my beautiful books.

Beautiful - Part 2 - Beautiful moments

There is no such thing as the most beautiful moment, there just are many such beautiful moments in life, which make it worth living.  
Here are some of my special moments, those I have lived and re-lived by fondly recalling them. 

Reciting that rhyme as taught on stage and winning that prize.
Extra cycle time from dad and some special toffees and the "Shh..Shh, Don't tell mummy about it". Only to realize that he himself tells her.

The last time you went out to shop and picked up a toy, and dad put it aside saying "Too expensive" and then you see him enter home with it the first of the next month.

School being declared holiday due to rains, as we wished last night when you realized that you  hadn't prepared for the test the next day.

Birthday goodies and birthday money from grandparents.
Overhearing your grandpa proudly talk about you to his friend and saying "She speaks English real well!" with that sense of pride.

Finding a long lost school buddy on orkut/facebook.
Finding your college crush still listed as Single in facebook :)
Getting that special call on your birthday from a newly made friend whom you did not think would care to even know your birthday.

Waking up before the morning alarm sounds, to realize you have few more minutes before you can get up to snooze it.
Having a sleepless night, like one of this, and stealing a look at the watch waiting impatiently for it to become morning.

Seeing the favourite song of your yester years being played in the TV channels as we swayed through the channels randomly.
Finding relief in reading a favourite book after having had a tough day.

Coming back home after a tired day, to find your favourite food cooked for dinner.
Cooking your own meal, with recipe recited by mom, and it turning out well.

Hosting your friends at home for a special dinner all prepared by you. 
Hosting your mom at your home ( when you are living away from your real home) for a holiday.

When depressed and wanting to get it all out on somebody, you think of calling that somebody, phone rings to alert an incoming call from that special somebody.

Those are not just beautiful moments by themselves, but they have the charm in them to make your present moment beautiful when you recollect them. Many such beautiful moments make a beautiful life which is a cumulative effect of all such beautiful moments and many more beautiful moments when thinking about them.

Beautiful - Part 1 - Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder
In the meaning of this phrase, lies the "one-thing" that drives mankind, it is the truth that when realized, accepted, digested and given respect will result in a life lived happily. 

What does "Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder" mean?
"Beauty is perceived differently by every pair of eyes". No two pairs of eyes can see the same thing as beautiful for the same reason.
If you feel beautiful, you are.

What is beautiful to one may not be  beautiful to the other. When told this, it seems a simple thing to comprehend. 
Yes, that makes me curious, so What is beautiful? says:
1. having beauty; having qualities that give great pleasure or satisfaction to see, hear, think about, etc.; delighting the senses or mind:
2. excellent of its kind
3. wonderful; very pleasing or satisfying.

Beauty is a perception and being beautiful is a feeling. If you think you are beautiful, you are. 

There is beauty in everything, if you are not seeing it, you are missing something. Atleast realize, that if you don't find something beautiful, you are just failing to see it, because there is atleast one pair of eyes in this world that sees the same thing as beautiful. 
Never force anyone, even your loved ones, to see beauty in a thing because you see it, or to see beauty for the same reason as you do in a thing. 

Ironically, what seems beautiful today under the given circumstances to a pair of eyes does not appear beautiful to the same pair of eyes in a new situation. 

I am going on this blog on this theme, and tell you the things that are beautiful ( that which I consider beautiful) in my world.

Watch out for..
My Beautiful Moments
My Beautiful Life
My Beautiful Mind
My Beautiful Relationships
My Beautiful Memories
My Beautiful Dream

Tomorrow - Part 26 - Moods of my Tomorrows

I have had a lot of fun writing about Tomorrow for about a month now. The word has taken many meanings in my blog here and it was an experience of reliving some pleasant memories, dreaming some new dreams and a lot of excitement. I went through a myraid of moods while writing this and I wanted to capture the moods here. :). 

Tomorrow Part 1
Looking forward to the series
The misspelt Tomorrow Days
Preparing for tomorrows
The Most dreaded tomorrows
The no-expectation tomorrows
The decision making tomorrows
Tomorrow is Monday
The misty eyed Parting Tomorrows
Misty eyed :'-(
Don't want the tomorrow - yet because..
I'm Loving it
The Procrastinating Tomorrows
The First Timer Tomorrows
The Exam Tomorrows - C.H.A.O.S
Irritated, Worried
Deny oneself the Tomorrow
Deeply saddened
The Tense of Tomorrow
Give light to a Tomorrow
Tomorrow is my Birthday
Happy and Thoughtful.
The Untitled Tomorrow
 Here Today - Gone Tomorrow
Jam Tomorrow
Unkept promises wrench the heart
That fleeting moment before I end my today
Tomorrow is another day
Sounds good, Lovely!
Tomorrow Never Dies
Keep that dream alive!!
Tomorrow is Friday - TGIF
Hip Hip Hurray!
The Predictable Tomorrows

Marking a mood for each post itself was fun.

I picked up the theme from
nablopomo, a site that encourage blogging to be a habit by blogging everyday.
This blog will continue blogging the next week on the theme Beautiful and will return after a while to wrap up the Tomorrow series.
Wishing you all many Beautiful Tomorrows.

Tomorrow - Part 25 - The Predictable Tomorrows

Well according to me, that is the most boring type of tomorrows. The predictability of your tomorrow is inversely proportional to how interesting or exciting your tomorrow can be. 

When you know that you going to face the same music the next day, much to your annoyance, that s when your tomorrow becomes predictive.
When you are always tempted to call in sick to work, is a hint that work is mundane and is boring you , that is when your tomorrow becomes predictive.
When you are going through one of those toughest times in personal life, and are mourning day-in and day-out, that is when your tomorrow becomes predictive.

Sometimes, such predictability can be good, but if it is not and if any/more of these symptoms exist, before they ruin any more of your tomorrows, it is time to set it right. After all, tomorrow is another day and it ought to be different and full of suspense. Making it predictive, kills all the beauty of the Tomorrow.

Tomorrow Part 24 - Tomorrow is Friday - TGIF

Monday morning blues characterized by droopy eyes, reluctant waking up is something that I have had right from childhood. But with the advent of corporate culture, the Fridays took a new meaning. It marks joy, relaxed work, people talking about plans for the weekend, leaving early, people casually dressed and you see traces of fun everywhere around you. You see orkut and facebook messages saying "It is Friday". In life , there is a flip side to everything, so even though you Thanked God It s Friday (TGIF), there have been bad Fridays too.

I am going to limit this post only to the experiences of the Fridays at the workplace only because, accordingly to me, so much anticipation and excitement to the Fridays came only during this phase. Till before that, you realize it is weekend only on Saturday morning, when you don't have to wake up to mom's screaming to get to school. 

Friday 2-3 PM 
Boss: Can you get started with the Design Document? We'll review it on Monday morning so that we can send it for client review (USA client) on Monday morning US Time. 
You : {Now, that brings me to work on Saturday and Sunday!! } Ya!  

Thursday 9 PM: 
Boss ( from Client's location in US of A): We have a demo on Monday morning US Time.  
You: {Why does one have to schedule all releases and demos on Monday morning, it is a trick for the bosses to get to work on weekends! } Yeah, that means we have to fix all these issues by then!  

Thursday 9 PM: {The following week} 
You: I am so glad that the demo is over. After that work week without even a Sunday break, I am so glad it is Friday tomorrow. 
{Come on, You still have to come to work tomorrow}
You: that doesn't matter, after all Tomorrow is Friday.  

Thursday 4 PM: 
Friend : TGIF. Thank God Its Friday. I am going to go out with my friends to that new pub in the city tomorrow.  

Friday 8 AM: 
You: Leaving early today. All pending work can wait for Monday.  

Bonus Fridays are the ones which come with a long weekend with the Monday being off as well like the one I am going to have this week. Not far away is the time when folks are going to start considering Thursday as end of week, because The Next Day is Friday.  
What is your Friday holding for you tomorrow? Have a great weekend!!

Tomorrow - Part 23 - Tomorrow Never Dies

Yes, Title Borrowed from a James Bond movie. But what am going to write in this blog, is nothing to do with World War III or China or about warships. 
It is just my little message to all of you to say that I think about Tomorrow never Dies. When it comes to its finish, it hands over its title and charm to another day which you will call Tomorrow. It always leaves you to live only its past. 
Yes, we are Tomorrow's Past, any day, any moment. 
Isn't that spine-tingling? Ringing in your ears? We are Tomorrow's past, clash of the tenses. Now you know what I went through when I wrote this.

The first time, I read the title "Tomorrow never dies", I got a very creepy feeling of what it could mean and what it could be interpreted as. But thinking about it for a while, it gives a very simple message to say, D.R.E.A.M, your dreams never die. 

From childhood, we have had many dreams, after they are realized and lived, it loses the excitement. Yeah, dream of visiting a foreign land, dream of finding that good job, dream of getting that special someone, dream of learning a skill, so on and so-forth. When you have lived some of your dreams and the best way to live a dream is with the deja-vu elation that you already lived this very same moment - In your dream. 

So, does that mean that your dreams are done and dusted with, after you have realized them? No, it only means that you now need to dream up some more doozies , for as long as there is a DREAM alive, Tomorrow never does.

Tomorrow - Part 22 - Tomorrow is another day

Tomorrow is another day - 
Origin of this phrase: Source:

The last line of the American Civil War novel Gone With The Wind:
Scarlett O'Hara: "Tara. Home. I'll go home, and I'll think of some way to get him back. After all, tomorrow is another day"

Meaning: "One may not accomplish everything today but will have another chance."

It is a day yet to take shape, a day not yet lived, a day to still hope for. 

All of today's sorrows, miseries , hardships will vanish into oblivion
For tomorrow is another day.

Things that went wrong today, will be set right,
For Tomorrow is another day.

If you are sick today, you will get better tomorrow,
For Tomorrow is another day.

If you had a bad day at work today, things will change for the better, 
For Tomorrow is another day.

If you had a fight with your best friend, you are going to patch up tomorrow, 
For Tomorrow is another day.

For all the better things that are to be, that are hoped for will all come Tomorrow. For after all, tomorrow is another day. 

Change, they say is the only constant thing. 
Because things are the way they are, they will not stay the way they are, for Tomorrow is another day, another chance, another dream.

Tomorrow - Part 21 - That fleeting moment before I end my Today

Be it after a hard days work , after a tough exam, after a tiring outing , be it one of those awful Sunday nights like yesterday, the last thought that crosses everybody's mind before sleeping that night's sleep is about the Tomorrow . More than the thought of how the day has been, the more predominant thought is about what the tomorrow going to hold for you. It is just a fleeting moment in thought of the Tomorrow.

It might be as simple as your friend's birthday , or a book that you are reading , or meeting a friend , your office meeting tomorrow, some interesting thing to try at work or your most interesting class in school tomorrow.
But some happy thought at that moment is what completes that day and let's you peacefully call it a day and look toward to that tomorrow.

A happy today may not be a great start to a good tomorrow but however bad the day has been, a pleasant thought at this moment will let you welcome that tomorrow with your best smile.

What is that fleeting moment of thought tonight going to bring to your mind of your tomorrow? Think something pleasant, sleep a peaceful night's sleep.

Tomorrow - Part 20 - Jam Tomorrow

Jam Tomorrow: 
Jam Tomorrow means some pleasant event in the future, which is never likely to materialize.
Lewis Carroll's Through the Looking Glass and What Alice Found There (1871).

I particularly liked the scene in which White Queen offers Alice "jam to-morrow". It was just beautiful and a right fit to my Tomorrow Series.
Quoted below from the Source:
'I'm sure I'll take you with pleasure!' the Queen said. 'Twopence a week, and jam every other day.'
Alice couldn't help laughing, as she said, 'I don't want you to hire ME - and I don't care for jam.'
'It's very good jam,' said the Queen.
'Well, I don't want any TO-DAY, at any rate.'
'You couldn't have it if you DID want it,' the Queen said. '
The rule is, jam to-morrow and jam yesterday - but never jam to-day.'
'It MUST come sometimes to "jam to-day,"' Alice objected.
'No, it can't,' said the Queen. 'It's jam every OTHER day: to-day isn't any OTHER day, you know.'

'I don't understand you,' said Alice. 'It's dreadfully confusing!'

The highlighted lines convey the essence of the whole phrase. 

It is about a promise of good things that have just never occurred. When I think of this phrase, I am reminded of those never-ending election campaigns in our country, none of those have materialized till today. These politicians shamelessly promise a host of things for the betterment of the country, we believe, we vote only to realize that the Jam that they promised us tomorrow has already been eaten. And the tomorrow in their vocabulary and dictionary is to indicate something never comes or rather in their cunning world, when the tomorrow actually comes, it becomes today. 

What a way to use the word Tomorrow - in contradiction to the series of lovely meanings that I have given to the word in my Tomorrow Series.

An interesting connotation of the word Jam that I read today was that it is used to indicate 
"Real jam, a sporting phrase, meaning anything exceptionally good."

So go on, Take an extra helping of Jam for your Today. 

P.S I am going through what I talked about here- At Stage 3.