What makes me smile?

I thought a few seconds about the things that make me smile. 
I thought probably an easy one and starting putting some things down.

A birthday card over post
Finding some hand written letters inside an old novel
Old picture memories
A silly act when pointed out
Favourite song on Radio
An act of kindness
A nice joke

Yeah, whatever, out of all these, what wins hands down is

A Smile itself

A smile coming from anyone, be it friend or foe, acquaintance or stranger, liked or despised;
A smile coming anytime, even if I am happy or brimming with tears of sorrows, preoccupied or relaxed, morning or midnight, 
A smile can make me smile. 

P.S: The idea of the topic was taken from BlogThis - An Old Challenge though.

My Blog hits 50!!

Yesterday marked 50 posts in my blog and the majority of those coming in the last one month which was September. The month has been really good to my blog, I had pampered it well, by going to it everyday. I know I have written about how I enjoyed writing about the tomorrow and the beautiful things in my life in this blog here, but today having given that theme blogging a break, only because that this month's theme at NaBloPoMo is way too difficult for me to write about, I feel I am running out of topics to blog. 

I have got a couple of movie reviews/book reviews to write about, a few more "Save the best for last" Tomorrows and some Intellectual Beautiful posts. I know am giving an excuse to get down to blog them, but I have been finding it difficult to find time out for my blog, of late. But, am really all happy about my blog reaching the 50 posts mark.

A post from my iTouch

I bought this cool app BlogWrite from Apple to read and post blogs on my blog from my iPhone and I have to tell you that it is super cool. since the time I started blogging on the theme , I had composed a few posts on my iTouch while travelling but had never posted any from my iTouch.
Today being a lazy Sunday , I thought I will give it a try. Another app I really love which helps quite a bit is mobile rss , I can read all blogs which I have subscribed to using Google reader offline. They are super cool. If you own a iTouch and if you are a regular blogger you should try these.

The Indian Dream

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The Indian Dream
A cliched topic it seemed, right from essay writing competitions, oratorical and elocution competitions,  most students have grown up writing or going on stage with this topic many a time and so have I and have ever-so-patriotically ended it with a heart-felt Jai Hind/Vande Mataram

Well, all those competitions ended, prizes won or not; but all those enthusiastic, passionate students got on with things in life liking fighting for high marks, competitive entrance exams, campus interviews, going up the corporate ladder and the likes and soon faded those words and took a back seat in those "young" minds. 

But today, wanting to write about the "Indian Dream" in a blog, brings in a feeling of guilt since nothing much has been done "To Be the change that you want to see" like what Gandhi said, the only thing remaining are the memories of those words still ringing in our ears. 

So last night, I dreamt a DREAM , one such "Beautiful Dream" like the ones I wrote about here and here and I am going to wait for a day to live that dream. 
It ain't any fancy dream but simple things I saw in my dream, last night.

I want a day when I don't step out of the flight when returning from a foreign land and get instantly annoyed at people trying to jump Queues while at the immigration desk itself
[These very same people, complain about this trait at home but care not to exhibit in their home land . It just spoils the whole feel good factor of returning home.]

I want a day when I am running late for work when living in my country and want to take public transport and feel good about it, instead of sulking . 
[During the times I have lived abroad, I have enjoyed public transport and I want that at home as well]

I want a day when I go cast my vote and come back feeling that it will be COUNTED and it will change my country's government for the better and not come back thinking "It is fixed anyway"

I want a day when the "so-called-educated-modern-day-youth" who would shell out dollars/pounds to pass the test to get oneself a driving license in the foreign land, but back home would NOT get themselves a bribed driving license without even have sat behind the wheel even once.
[This when known to be done by the modern day youth is heart wrenching. They have no right to talk about indisciplined driving styles at home, then]

Such ends my dream.

Home is where the heart is. In that heart is where my "Home Dream" is and I call it the "Indian Dream"

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Be the change you want to see

"Be the change you want to see"
In memory of the man behind that phrase. 

Enough is done about cribbing about the things that don't work the way you want to. 
Enough is done about ranting about how "ideal" things should be and how they are not. 
Enough is done about doing a post-mortem of things that went wrong than actioning on the mistakes.
Enough is done about pointing fingers at others for the flaws we see around.

But little is done about "Being the change".

Sudden Transitions

This is about how you feel when things in your life change abruptly overnight. You find yourself lost, confused, apprehensive in digesting the change and before it dawns on you, the tables have turned and all seems new. 

Somebody who's been a friend all this while, suddenly ceases to exist. 
The peaceful nights suddenly tend towards Sleepless ones.
Something that you held dear, seems trivial today.
You suddenly seem to miss too many things that you till now never thought would matter so much to you. 
You suddenly have to repriotize your likes and dislikes.
People whom you took for granted to always be there for you, suddenly seem to have different priorities than giving you a hearing.
You get thrown out into a new place with new people. 

Change is good, but the sudden ones which hit you hard on your head and treat you menially giving you no time to realize and adapt are not so good. 
Change is the only constant thing and life has to move on.. ..