The pact of Trust, a lifetime's worth

Nadodigal - Movie Review

The backdrop of the movie is set in the towns of TamilNadu capturing every essence of life in this part of the world.  The "athai ponnu" love, sleeping in terraces, government-job searching B.A History graduate hero, anxious parents in seeing their children succeed, the ever pampering and always supporting "aachi" at home, friends around the town , drink parties over nothing with the little pocket money, the movie captures it all in adorable style.


Looking back at life's journey, at all the ups and downs in life with family, love and  career , one thing that has kept us all going is the friendships that we have made along the way. The one relationship that we cherish all along. That  relationship is the theme of the movie.   We have had many a movie in the past based on this theme, but this one stands apart, with its realistic plot,  its touching moments and classy performances by the star cast.


The heroes of the movie are 3 friends who enjoy life with all the enthusiasm in the world, while being in the phase of post-college season of their lives.


The main hero, Karuna, B.A history who is supposedly withstanding the pressure from his family on finding himself a government job, the need for which not only being able to support his "single-earning-member" family but also to win himself his girl. The man but takes it in his stride, never giving up, exuberating with self confidence.


The second one , Pandi, is an aspirant of working aboard, more so driven by his father's passion. The father half-heartedly wishes his son away from his sight just for him to escape the curses of his step-mom.  The "always-on-the-lookout-for-girl-friend" Pandi, wins our hearts with his sense of humor.


The third one , Chandran , is simplicity personified. This mother-less hero, finds more than a friend in his dad. This dad helps him winning his love, helps him with ideas to woo the girl and all this is fun to watch and is not exaggerated one bit, with kudos only to the characters.


All three of them venture to help Karuna's friend unite in love. The other two, had not known this person , but the bonding builds in no time, yeah because he is a "Friend of Friend". Yes,  friends will do anything for each other.  In the event of getting this couple united in love, they face many a hardship. The beauty or the essence of the movie lies in how  Pandi, Chandran and Chandran's father takes it all in true spirit. They don't even make it look like sacrifice.


Pandi loses his hearing ability , Chandran has one of his legs amputated. Yet, it all seems to them as just bad luck and fate which came along the life's way. At no point in time, do they regret having helped their friend Karuna keep up his promise. This great deal of character from his friends, pains Karuna a great deal, that he having lost his love in the event of this, seems trivial.


When Chandran's father comes to realize his son's loss, he doesn't grieve one bit, that is how a loving father supports his son , being proud of his son's friendship. The conversation he has with his son, in boosting his confidence is a classic.


Karuna's father , though having lost his mother because of his son doesn’t doubt his intentions and decisions. That is a proud father and the priceless gift the son pays back to him, is the sacrifice he makes with his love-girl.


The chirpy heroine, deserves a mention. Her innocence, attitude, always-munching not caring for that waistline,  impeccable love for Karuna are all well portrayed. Her high levels of optimism towards life, in her secretly wishing he finds a job .


The movie through all its characterization shows what it is to be live up to the trust that one's place on the other, to be highly optimistic . When there is a time of distress for a friend, friends from all directions chip in with money, time and unrelenting support. One of the best parts of the movie, is how it has shown the hero's parents taking pride in their  son's friendships and how they support them. This is not something you see in movies in such flawless portrayal.


It pays off well. Though the heroes lose in love, lose a leg,  lose hearing they all succeed in friendship and are epitomes of trust.  After all, friends support love for they see it as a true manifestation of friendship.


The silent pact of trust that you sign as a result of Friendship is well worth more than one's life. The world at large needs such strong relationships to keep it going.


Dedicated to all the friendships that I have made thus far.

For all friends who are near and dear and those far and nevertheless so dear, this is to let you know that each of you was remembered and it was a lovely feeling.

{Miss you hug, all of you}


Note: If you thought, the blog revealed the story to you, No, go and watch, the movie has some surprises in store for you.