November - Post 30 : The NaBloPoMo Challenge - Completed

I am really delighted to complete the NaBloPoMo November challenge with my posts on the theme relationships.

The run I began here on November 1st comes to a lovely and a very satisfying finish here on November 30. I have some unposted ones on the same theme, which I plan to post in the coming weeks.
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Relationships - Part 28 - The Circles and their boundaries

I imagine the many relationships as circles, concentric ones,  intersecting ones. The boundaries that separate these circles, depending on their permeability levels, see the different layers and degrees of our character and this geometry in our lives is a very interesting one.

You make that conscious attempt and are using your intuitive best, to not let the undesired people enter any of the circles, that s when you are drawing thicker lines for them not to penetrate.

You start seeing the differences in the people who reside in the same circles, that is when you draw more concentric circles and fit them right.

You start realizing the mistakes you have made in letting some people in, that is when you open those boundaries, let these people out and close them in again.

You start seeing similarities and yet some differences in the people, that is when you start drawing some intersecting circles.

You , out of love and trust , with great joy let people from outer circles take on different roles in the inner circles, that s when you let some boundaries vanish or fade slowly.

You, give a special position to some one close to your own inner most circle, that is when you know that your gap is respected and are sometimes willing to bridge that gap.

That is the science of relationships in my world. I am extremely happy and feel blessed with the circles I have drawn around myself, the different boundaries that merged, the boundaries that I erased, the gap that was bridged, the boundaries that were thickened , the boundaries that were made thinner and the many layers of concentric ones that were made on the fly out of experience.
All of my circles are all my life's worth.

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Relationships - Part 27 - The "I-ME-MINE" relationship

Is there anyone else than your own self with whom you can be filled with mirth and deeply worried or disturbed at the same time , that too for the same reason?

What do you mean by ego-less self, is there anyone else with whom you can show all your ego and get that ego pampered, boosted and celebrated too.

What balcony person, who knows your grief better than you own self? You will never be able to do justice to your grief by voicing to another person, only the person who can hear it on their own can understand it best.

You know your capabilities, your weaknesses even if it is over blown by your watch dog person or under estimated by your basement person, there is no other soul  who knows your limitations more than your own inner soul.

All these relationships have derived some patterns of your reactions to the various things, like your misty eyed sorrowful moments or gleeful over the top happy moments,
but who knows that the deepest of your grief is unknown to even your tear glands and the joyest of your moments is not even celebrated by your own heart.

Who can give the right scores for your strongest qualities, your darkest fears, your vulnerable points, your randomness standards, and evaluate a decision for you. Even if someone did, did you not vet it all through this inner self. Sometimes Waging a war, sometimes signing a ever loving peaceful act. Because there was no one else who knows an entirety of all those qualities.

The cruelest of all wars are waged and the most tender of those hugs exchanged with just your own self.

Nobody can push you beyond any point that your mind doesn't accept or your heart does not desire to.

You are your dream, your best judge, your critic and your love.

I agree life hinges on relationships and all the kinds of relationships I wrote about earlier exist and are absolutely necessary for my world to go around, but there is no greater relationship than with one's own inner self. There exists a reserved place for a special someone with a very negligent gap between this inner self and them in our hearts, but it exists only because that someone acknowledges this gap and celebrates it much more than you do. As life goes on, this boundary might diminish depending on how much of it you yourself allow. 

Relationships is all about what I allow it be to ME.

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Relationships - Part 26 - Tuppence and her blog

Tuppence invites her guest blogger, her inner soul to write about the relationship she shares with her blog.

After her relationship with her personal blog tended to more on the lines of her Left to Themselves relationship,  and her other anonymous blog which tended to become one of her Deteriorated relationships, Tuppence holds this one very dear.

She is love struck.
She has used NaBloPoMo as an excuse to pamper her blog , coming to it every day , and has today come to realize that she is love struck today . Like Hiyaa says here only her unfinished piled up work and her mind always being on this , and almost a whole month of sleepless nights has made her realize that she s love struck with this.

She thanks whole heartedly.
Tuppence thanks her followers and her regular blog readers specifically the Brisbane reader, the Dubai reader and the Chennai reader for their encouraging words.She also thanks her followers on Facebook Network blogs .

She misses..
Tuppence misses her Tokyo reader who has gone on an abandon-Tuppence vacation and also her not so regular (non-English speaking :) ) reader who has gotten busy and is not able to read her so often. Miss you very much. Can't wait for you to get back . When you do, remember to read from bottom.

She makes new relationships..
Tuppence has also made some new relationships with other bloggers through blog-a-ton , NaBloPoMo and blog rolls of other blogs. Though some of them are not so mutual like this, some others like this and some others from whom she draws inspiration from. In all ,Tuppence is really happy with this special relationship with her blog. This is one of her special Inanimate relationships but yet-so-intimate.

She draws her motivation..
Tuppence drew all her motivation from NaBloPoMo, the November challenge and wishes to make it known that the last month has been the most unforgettable one for her, experiencing, reliving, cherishing and missing all the different relationships in her life.

If you want to know the relationship that Tuppence shares with this guest blogger, her inner self, then watch out for tomorrow's blog on this space.

Tuppence's inner soul.

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Relationships - Part 25 - The "Couple" Relationship

Have you ever felt like you need no mirror  for you to see your joy and grief , because you see it in the other pair of eyes? Did you see more happiness in the eyes you are looking at than in your own?

Have you relished and enjoyed every moment spent and have replayed it over and over again in your mind and felt blessed about it?

Have you gone through all that Hiyaa talks about here, bitten by the bug, the sting sometimes painful, sometimes soothing, fell in love in the bargain, lived in that pit  and is loving it?

Have you ever felt that you underestimated the feeling of "missing someone" and went through the pain of actually missing?

Have you ever thought that it is not about the no-expectation feeling that makes this relationship beautiful, it is about expecting more and more and never being satisfied and to keep asking for more and to keep giving more and more.

Yes, It s the relationship between a couple.

Living the dream that you had dreamt up during the courtship times, dreaming new doozies, sharing the same dreams.
Accepting each other's unique worlds and living in harmony amongst differences.

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Relationships – Part 24 – The “Anger” Dartboards

Have you ever faced a situation where in you blow a fuse, lose your temper at a much lower threshold when with some people when they say/do something; the same thing you might have let go with a smile/shrug if it was anyone else. This is not because you don't care for their feelings or you don't love them, it is because you know that they'll put up with it
and that over the years of such association with them, you have taken them for granted and set some special standards with respect to your patience level and anger threshold with

These (unfortunate) people bear the brunt of your anger, impatient tantrums and somehow just seem to put up with you all the time. The luckiest thing with this kind of relationship is that you get back to your normal self with them almost instantly however awkward the anger situation had been because they are epitomes of patience, accepting all the anger darts thrown at them, being unable to predict when they'll come and with what intensity they'll come but have always been there for you as DART BOARDS, the "ANGER" dartboards, I call them. Why talk about having to control anger, when you have such people in your life.

They say,
Be who you are, say what you feel,
Because those who matter don't mind and those who mind don't matter.

I say,
Vent your anger out and take it out as much as you want,
Because those who matter don't mind and those who mind don't matter.
And the ANGER dartboard people are the ones who don't mind and they do matter a lot to us.

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Relationships - Part 23 - The "Mentor" people

When in doubt with yourself, approach them.
They may not just voice some encouraging words, but set some challenging goals for you to make you realize your own potential.

When two roads diverged, unable to decide which road to take, approach them.
They may not tell you like all others, to take the road less travelled , but will reason out what is best for you.

When apprehensive about making some life-changing decisions, approach them.
They will make you feel better and give you a word of advice to venture out on your journey with confidence.

When for no reason at all, you are not feeling up to it, approach them.
They may not allow you to get away with what you are feeling by dismissing it as a passing cloud, but will talk you through realizing your mistake.

When you take on mentor cap for somebody else, think of them.
You try to treat other people the way you were treated and impart the lesson your learnt from them.

When faced with a tough situation, think of them.
Think of how they would have handled it , think of the ways they kept their cool and not let the situation worse and solve it for yourself gleaming with pride.

When you achieve something that you most deared and longed for, tell them first.
Just because you know that they will feel happy for you and bless you for more such successes.

These are people, whose opinion you highly value, whose intentions you never doubt and whom you hold in high regard. They are the ones who moulded the raw clay into what you are, today. Drawing inspiration from them, learning a few lessons from them, you have led your life in awe of them and wanting to emulate them.  They are what you call as MENTORS in your life.

Dedication and heart felt grateful to all such people in my life, teachers and managers who have played such a role in my personal and career life.

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Relationships - Part 22 - The "Three Minute Crush" people

Inspired by this post here.

The god gifted sense of "female intution", racing thoughts when meeting people and the rushing adrenalin when one seems to "almost" fit into those imaginary shoes, designed in the mind by you , lot of parallel processing happens in the mind of a girl in those "Three-Minutes" that Suchi talks about in her column. All of us have had such moments , during our teenage times, during the meet-ups with friends of friends; Retrospecting on them, we come to realize how much of these really do matter.

The Tall, dark and handsome kinds OR the fair, lanky kinds, the "wuuuuaah" for the first three minutes, then in the next 3 hi-morning-smiles , goes to the dumps and when counting your list of best buddies, you realize the ever lasting and the true ones are the ones whom you don't even rememeber when first introduced to and the ones whom you don't realize that you have fallen for. These 3 minute judgement crushes only become an additional acquaintance with the name struck off from the crush list, sooner or later.

Whatsoever, there is a lot of fun associated with these kind of moments. All single women out there, can well relate to what I am saying here. Keep those eyes wandering and those ears open on all directions. After all, being single means ready to mingle.
Let us go and not feel guilty about these things in our lives, Guilty pleasures they are.
"It is a girl thing, you see".

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Relationships - Part 21 - The "Room mates" people

Those who have lived in hostels, or lived away from family know what I mean by the "Room mates" people. The ones whom you lived  with, cooked with,  shared your bed with, spent almost the whole day in their company. These are the people a different face of them you saw inside and outside of the four walls,  whose habits who picked up unknowingly. These  people are the ones who see the "within the four walls" face of yours that only your family has so far seen.

There are different kinds of such "Roomie" people.

These room mates might be ones whom you knew already but may not have been really close, but someone whom you could call an acquaintance or sometimes even a friend. But having to spend all your time, literally all 24 hours of a day in their presence, seeing the other side of them, getting to know  their tolerance levels when things go wrong, getting to know their attitude towards life , their fears , and generally their adaptability standards has been a shocking experience.  It shocks to see a totally different person from what you see outside of this home, sometimes this is for the better , sometimes for the worse. If it tends to the worse and gets to the extreme like the one I am going to talk about next, then it can get a little awkward given that you have already shared a friendship with them. But , count yourself twice lucky if it tends to be for the better and you guys make great roomies.

These room mates might just be complete strangers to you, whom you just met a couple of hours back. These stranger turned roomies, might get into the category of the people who can get on to your nerves. You can't stand their tantrums, you blow a fuse at every move of theirs, you get annoyed at them sharing your space, you can't tolerate them not sharing the house work with you, you can’t accept the way they manage their finance, you can't put up with their so-called-funny stories, you can't digest their cleanliness standards, you can’t forgive their irresponsibility or their indifference to you as a roomie, in all you just can’t live with them. It is not a very happy thing to be living with these people. You get it out all with cribbing to a far away friend or to a family member of your not-so-fun times with them.

Some of these stranger people, when made roomies , strike an excellent chord of friendship with you.  Though not always greatly similar in thinking or in likes and dislikes, you start liking them a great deal, respecting their differences, discovering your own inner self in the relationship.  You start adapting their likes, dislikes and preferences , do the crazy things they do adding up to your own craziness and rub some of yours onto them as well. You learn a lesson or two from them , probably even pick up a bad habit from them, knowingly or unknowingly. When with them, you never ever feel , they are tending to invade into your private space or time, just because they know what their limits are. You don't mind compromising on your likes and dislikes once in a while, you step out of your comfort zones sometimes to accommodate their preference, but all with happiness and a sense of share and care. The secret of this relationship is not because you are so much like each other, or have the same preferences, it is because you complement and enjoy similarities with each other to just the allowed extent and you respect the dissimilarities with each other with grace. They become more than just buddies, getting to know each other a great deal, knowing each other secrets, fears, threshold levels , you respect and love each other and you have sense of belonging with them.

Whether they took us by surprise , or we loved them or we hated them or we got annoyed by them, one thing is for certain, we got to know them a great deal . They help you see and realize the faces of people within and outside of "4- wall home" premises.  Such relationships are much needed in everyone's life, you ought to live with somebody that is not your family, to appreciate or understand the aspect of relationships in life.

In my world, I have been blessed with some really great roomies and also the not-getting-along-too-well ones. This post is dedicated to one such roomie when I lived aboard who is a great friend till today. 

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Relationships - Part 20 - The "Celebrity" People

These people are the ones whom we looked up to, followed their every move, collected every bit of info about them, longed to see them, we join their fan clubs, we fantasize and eulogize them. We believe that we know the best about them and feel so close to them,  we don't allow even the best of our friends to pass any demeaning comment about them. These people might have been movie stars, singers, sports heroes or writers in the different stages of our lives depending on our liking.

We celebrate their success and walk with a sense of pride publicizing it as if our own. We mourn their failures and feel deeply upset about them more than they themselves do. We feel guilty about their mistakes though we have nothing to control them.

We have no personal relationship with them, they know nothing about even your existence. We tend to even hold them as our role models. We talk about relationships being mutual, but we bar these people from that rule and accept them and respect them though it is just no way mutual.

These are one-kind of people in our lives and thinking about it, there have been some stages in our lives when these people have been the "only" people who occupied our time, friends and family only standing second to them. 

Topic idea suggested by a blog reader. 
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Relationships - Part 19 - The "Deteriorated" relationships

There are some people in our lives whom we spent some really good time with, shared a very healthy relationship, liked them a great deal, held them in high respect, counted them as friends,  but somewhere in the long run, these people drifted away from our everyday lives, slowly tended to not being in touch. For some of these people, their memories remained with us, while for some, though the times with them were some of your best, they even faded from your memory.  You know they existed in your world, but when you happen to get back in touch with them or run into them at any occasion further in life, we feel somewhat awkward into the original groove of things, for no reason whatsoever. They are unlike the "left-to-themselves" relationships.  

In my world, I have a few of these people, I don’t even remember today, how important or how dear they were to me once upon a time, but what I feel right now is that Yes, I feel awkward to renew my happy times with them because trying to do anything superficial with them either on email or any social networking site would only seem a bit too unnatural and might even tarnish some of my fond memories with them. They are what I call the "Deteriorated" relationships.

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Relationships - Part 18 - The "MUTE" relationships

Who said the strength of relationships is about having someone to talk to as a balcony person, or having someone to spend cheer time with, or to be pampered by someone all the time, or to have someone chide you, or to have somebody praise you while you are not around.
Love also exists in forms other than those above, it exists in mute form without having to say or do anything or surprisingly even in the form of saying the negative.

I have seen such relationships and love in impeccable form in them. I have seen them not talk to each other at all, and even if they do occasionally, only snap at each other at every chance, pick up a fight at the drop of a hat. But there is love and care.

I have seen father and son relationship where they don't talk or confront each other unless deemed absolutely unavoidable.
I have seen sibling relationships like this , fighting all the time, not talking to each other for years.

But nevertheless , the love exists in unexpressed form , care exists in silent form . Love does not have exist always in sugary words, lovey-dovey all the time or in tear filled consolations.

In my world, I just find that these relationships take more effort to maintain , the more you make a conscious effort to conceal , the more difficult it is . To have it and yet not to show is way too difficult and painful. The human ego takes control of the heart here.

Just remember that if you have such relationships in your life, it might sometimes be too late before you ever get to show that you truly loved. 

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Relationships - Part 17 - "The made me feel good" people

I have a family member who fought a serious illness a couple of years back. During those times of hospitalization and almost losing hope of recovering, with the suffering she went through, though we all did our bit as family and friends in the form of being around, there is one person whom she still vividly remembers as one of the important people who helped fight her illness and be brave to recover. It was her doctor.

She had never met him before that incident, and while she was fighting for her life in the ICU on ventilation, he sat next to her and gave her the pep talk of her life, he had made her feel good , he talked to her to have faith and told her what is important for her is bottomless optimism for her to get over what she was going through. I am sure, almost everyone who visited her during that time did that to her, but his talk and care touched her in a way which she holds dear.

Years passed by, almost 6 years now, she has not had many interactions with him since, but still would not forget him. She diligently sends him New year wishes and would never allow any patient who consults him to pass any demeaning comment on him. That person did not have to do anything to keep this trust or to earn her well wishes , but it just happened.  It was more than just gratitude.

They are what I call "The made me feel good once upon a time" people.

There are such people in our lives, whom we remember and hold dear just for the way they made us feel good sometime in the past. We may not bee in touch with them or  would not have even seen them later in our lives, but their memories live in us, because we remember the way they made us feel more than anything else. We might be such people in somebody's else lives too.

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Relationships - Part 16 - The "Missed" Relationships

There are many aspects of relationships that are missed, that you are searching for, hoping for and living in your dearest memories.

There are some you miss,
Because they are not near as you would dear them to be.

There are some you miss,
Because they are not the same as it used to be. Things changed for the better or the worse, but those old times are missed.

There are some you miss,
Because some bitter things happened beyond your control.

There are some you miss,
Because the boundaries separating the concentric or intersecting circles of relationships faded or even vanished.

There are some you miss,
Because the circles got closer than they were or because they got further than you intended it to be.

There are some you miss,
Because you just missed the chance and did not make the best of it because you took long to realize.

There are some you miss,
Because you just did not make them at all.

There is joy and pain in missing.

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Relationships - Part 15 - Relationships teach

Along life's way, as we make or break relationships, there is one thing that is inevitable, the lesson they teach us.

They teach you to love,
Not to love just the other, but to love your own self for that same reason.

They teach you to forgive,
Forgive out of love, out of bias, and hold that act of forgiveness not as a temporary act but as a permanent attitude.

They teach you to "say sorry",
To make mistakes is OK, as long as there are people who help you wash your guilt and hear the sorry that you say with your egoless best and accept it whole heartedly.

They teach you to forget,
When things did not work right , when intentions were wrongly interpreted, when care was taken for granted,  pick the lesson up and move on.

They teach you to respect,
Respect each other moods, independence of each other.

They teach you to accept,
Accept each other's differences.

They teach you to care,
Selfless care , feel each other's pain, to wish the world's best for the other.

They teach to depend,
To make you realise that to depend on somebody is a blessing.

They teach to support,
To hand hold and stand together in matters of good and bad withstanding the tests of time.

They teach to let go,
And not hold on too tight , because something that does not come back to you , was never yours.

They teach to wait,
And not be in a hurry for things to mature, take new forms, and still love.

They teach you to sacrifice,
Without you realizing that you are actually making a sacrifice.

They teach you to teach,
And impart the lessons who have learnt from the different forms of relationships you have on to the others.

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Relationships - Part 14 - The "Not Mutual" Relationships

Don't we most often talk about friendships / relationships being mutual, about the love reciprocating in the same form between the two parties? What exactly we mean by mutual here? Well, my take on "mutual and not-so-mutual" relationships and hence this post.

You might have a friend for your "Balcony person" , but you may not the "balcony person" for him/her.
But there is honesty in that relationship.

You might be somebody's cheer buddy, but they may not be yours.
But there is joy and cheer in that relationship.

You "ride the shotgun" for someone, but they don’t do it for you.
But there is care in that relationship.

You may tell your darkest secrets to somebody, but don’t get to hear any of theirs.
But there is trust in that relationship.

You like somebody a great deal and your actions are interpreted in negative way and you are disliked by that somebody.
But there is liking in that relationship, though one way.

You love somebody for a reason and they might love you back for no reason at all. 
But there is love in that relationship. 

The varying forms of love and friendships don’t matter and all that matters most is the Love itself that is mutual and even if not mutual, it is love, anyway and it is love, all the way.

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Relationships - Part 13 - The "Gang" relationships

You and your gang of friends

How did these friendships happen?
They are usually made by some unconscious decision making in our minds, most often, you get introduced to the people of this gang through friends, or you introduce your friends among each other, it might have got built by having lunches together, travelling to work together, working together that kicked started this friendship, or sometimes you don't distinctly remember how they happened. You form a gang, hang out with each other, pull each other's leg, discuss where-abouts of the people in the gang with each other and in one word, just thoroughly enjoy each other's company. These people  if are not near to you physically can tend to be "Left To themselves" people and the meet-up even after years can bring the joy back almost instantly with no effort. If they are near,  they can tend me your "Cheer-Time" buddies or "Time-pass" people.

Coming to think of it, each person in this gang might be a unique personality on their own. You enjoy the times together, you respect each other's differences and varying preferences and yet keep the theme of friendship alive. Among this gang of friends, there might some people with whom you share extra closeness or a special bonding, but whatever be it, the joy doubles and the time is happily spent when the gang is together.
Two is company, Three is crowd, any thing more than three is "Gang of great friends" .

The post was inspired by the group meet up that we did today. The memories of the night outs for the project, the tests after which I scored all your marks before you got them, the Rangaprasad apartment times, the English tutoring sessions for "we know who", the nicknames like "Grandfather and B Sir( we know for whom?)", late night share auto times, the unforgettable "New Year 2004" and the drop back home for Miss AB by the Mr Big AB, my birthday 2004 and the gift teddy bear are still fresh in my mind. 

We are a group of 8 people who met 6 years back at the same workplace and amidst being one's own crazy selves :) struck the chord of friendship,  and despite being spread across the globe in the many corners, still keep in touch with our chain emails and some occasional meeting with each other.
Dedicated  to this 6 years old friendship and Thanks guys for the wonderful time and for having made it today from the different parts of the world amongst the busy schedules. The only one who had the least busy schedule was "Yours truly".

Few others who could not make it from the "We 8" gang, were missed, especially the one who had to work even on a Sunday and the other who was almost "here" and yet not there and the other whom we are going to hear yelling on the phone from across the globe about how unlucky she is for not having made it :). Miss you all.

P.S: How did I forget the chocolate hampers.Thanks both of you for the Ferroro Rocher and Toblerone packs. Absolutely loving it.
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Relationships - Part 12 - "Ride Shotgun for them" people

You watch over them and protect them.
You shield them from the big bad world.
You vet the evil from the good for them.
You avoid telling the hardships you are going through and allow them to see only the good and the rosy.
Your eyes are always watching over these people, you tread the path before they take it to ensure it is danger-free.
You keep them shielded from the suffering, unrest even if it means you going through additional trouble.

You are their "Guardian Angel".  You ride shotgun for them always being on vigilance so that nothing other the safe, and the world's best reaches them. Like the thorns that hurt the hands that mean harm to the rose, you offer cover for these people from the evil things in the world , though you might be hurt in the bargain. They can't get anything less than the best, and you will do anything for that to get to them. Even if it means sacrificing your aspirations, giving up your favorites, stepping out of your comfort zone, anything that you can muster up for their happiness and safety.

In our real lives, we see these traits,

In a father, who tries to conceal his depleting bank balance to buy you that birthday gift.
In a mother, who always never hesitates to stay out of her comfort zone to give you the comfort.
In an elder sibling, whose watchful eyes  and free advice draws some boundary limits for and puts a check on you.
In your "watch-dog" person,  whom you tend to think as "overly concerned" but is doing it for your good.
In a lover, whom you tend to think isn't telling you everything, but is not telling you, only because it might worry or upset you.

Who are the people in your lives, whom you ride shotgun for?

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Relationships - Part 11 - The "Quality Time" people

There are people with whom you can strike a conversation on any topic on the fly with no planned agenda, just get started with them at some odd moment, at any odd place, on any odd topic  be it your outlook towards life, your aspirations, your opinions on people, your "2 pennies" on anything under the sun. Some of them are just casual topics, some thought provoking, some controversial, some complicated but all to the say least, interests both parties.

Sometimes respecting each other's views, sometimes fighting giving the other no chance to talk, but all the time expressing your honest, un biased opinion on the topic , speaking your heart out donning on your mind your best thinking cap . No differing opinion is taken to heart, it is well received and accepted.

Sometimes at your receptive best, accepting the differences in the opinions, yet some other time, at your angry best when overruled or dominated and told to shut up. But, the threshold point is well maintained with these people, and you come back feeling good about having spent "Quality time" with them and the time has been well worth it and you have thoroughly enjoyed your self.

These people may not be your close friends though you might them like them a great deal, they may not even be really your "cheer-time" people though the times you spend with them are cheerful,  but they are what I like to call as "Quality time" people with whom you always end up spending "Quality-time" with.

These kind of talks are very important to get your brain cells simulated and to voice your opinions on things and to lend an ear to what others think, you should need to find the right people for such discussions. It s fun, go find yours and Enjoy. Don't plan them, they are best started by themselves at the right moments when with the right people.

P.S: Relationships are circles, sometimes concentric, sometimes intersecting. Who does your "Quality time" circle intersect with, or encompass? :)

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