That's ME!bourne
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 The Pensive- Ambitious ME- The morning walk @ the Royal Botanical Gardens

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To begin a day with a brisk morning walk is a joy in itself. Morning walks don't really have to be like what the self help books would tell you to. It is up to you, my morning walks are mostly pensive about the pervious day, or silently hoping for a good today, or wishing ambitiously for the tomorrow. To do this, amidst some picturesque scenes at the Royal Botanical gardens is bliss. The first steps to a great day- resolutions for the day, petty plans for the day, mind mapping and overall feeling fresh - all this in a morning walk.


The shopaholic ME @CBD

Melbourne CBD is a shopper's paradise. Starting from designers like Myer and DavidJones to small vendors , it has it all. The shopaholic in me reveals my "Carpe Diem" , attitude. Enjoy the simple pleasures of buying impulsively , craving for things by widow shopping and over all "feel high" while just buying- with no peek into the wallet or the depleting bank balance.

Does one need to remind oneself, that the trial rooms mirrors are the most flattering ones.Oh get flattered and splurge!

The Believing ME @Docklands

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As one takes an afternoon stroll on the river bank, along the Docklands harbour, watching the ships de-board and board, one learns to believe in being able to offload sorrows and bitter memories and board on new enthusiasm into life. With this belief to back you up emotionally, a view of the docklands skyline is splendid.

The Fleeting ME  - The weather

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The most interesting thing about Melbourne is its changing weather. Any one who has visited, be it anytime of the year would tell you, how they saw all four seasons of the year in a single day. Melbourne's fleeting weather is so ME, just like its changing weather , is my temperament. I can go from being a melancholic self, to a more content self within minutes.

The nostalgic me- @Yarra Trams

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Hoping on and off trams is an exciting and heart touching thing to do when in Melbourne. The tram trips are so fun. A trip in a tram can help you see the diversity of Melbourne. Starting from a busy office goer sunk into his iPad, a school going kid lost in music on his earphones, an old lady engrossed in her book, to a drunk nomad. You see all of them. On the other side, if you choose not to look out for any of them, you can get nostalgic on your tram trip, sitting back. Relaxing. I have taken all my nostalgic rides in my Melbourne tram trips.

The social ME - @Federation square

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This place is buzzing with its infectious enthusiasm all around any time of day. The tourist information centre in this architecturally significant building is an added bonus. There is lot of the city that this place reflects, overlooking the flinders street station, it is all about socialising. You have people watching movies on the giant screen, friend talks over cups of coffee and people letting it out with all fun filled events that are hosted here.

The gambler ME- @ Crown

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This part of me, is more for the attitude and not really for the money. Seeing the faces at the Crown Casinos, sounds of clinging coins, where people are winning / losing millions of dollars tempts anyone to place their cents on the table at least once. one could go on about the good and bad of gambling, but the air in the Crown casino breathes this message, " Take the risk, the thrill is worth it".

This is so me as I still put on my gambling hat for many of life s decisions.

The dreamer ME - Yarra

A ferry ride across the Yarra river and a walk along its banks at the end of day pampers you with so much delight and space to dream. Overlooking the waterfront in a cozy restaurant , one can stay long hours , thinking about one's life getting all dreamy- Smiling over some pleasant memories, misty-eyed over some failures, and go on to dream up more doozies.

Well, there is always a "That's Me!" feeling in Melbourne. And "That's Me!bourne". No visitor, no resident can deny that. There is something for every bit of you. No matter how trivial or how grandeur, no matter how subtle or how conspicuous it is in you.

From the memories that I hold of my stay in Melbourne, I just feel simply,that s so much of ME , for ME, in Me!lbourne.

They say, When in Rome, do as the Romans.
I say,When in Melbourne, Do what the "ME" in you tells you to.

Go find the ME in you. That's Me!bourne. After having written this post and recalling my memories of my stay there, I can hear myself saying "…it's your time to visit Melbourne NOW" to go and rediscover the ME in

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