Sudden Transitions

This is about how you feel when things in your life change abruptly overnight. You find yourself lost, confused, apprehensive in digesting the change and before it dawns on you, the tables have turned and all seems new. 

Somebody who's been a friend all this while, suddenly ceases to exist. 
The peaceful nights suddenly tend towards Sleepless ones.
Something that you held dear, seems trivial today.
You suddenly seem to miss too many things that you till now never thought would matter so much to you. 
You suddenly have to repriotize your likes and dislikes.
People whom you took for granted to always be there for you, suddenly seem to have different priorities than giving you a hearing.
You get thrown out into a new place with new people. 

Change is good, but the sudden ones which hit you hard on your head and treat you menially giving you no time to realize and adapt are not so good. 
Change is the only constant thing and life has to move on.. .. 

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