The Indian Dream

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The Indian Dream
A cliched topic it seemed, right from essay writing competitions, oratorical and elocution competitions,  most students have grown up writing or going on stage with this topic many a time and so have I and have ever-so-patriotically ended it with a heart-felt Jai Hind/Vande Mataram

Well, all those competitions ended, prizes won or not; but all those enthusiastic, passionate students got on with things in life liking fighting for high marks, competitive entrance exams, campus interviews, going up the corporate ladder and the likes and soon faded those words and took a back seat in those "young" minds. 

But today, wanting to write about the "Indian Dream" in a blog, brings in a feeling of guilt since nothing much has been done "To Be the change that you want to see" like what Gandhi said, the only thing remaining are the memories of those words still ringing in our ears. 

So last night, I dreamt a DREAM , one such "Beautiful Dream" like the ones I wrote about here and here and I am going to wait for a day to live that dream. 
It ain't any fancy dream but simple things I saw in my dream, last night.

I want a day when I don't step out of the flight when returning from a foreign land and get instantly annoyed at people trying to jump Queues while at the immigration desk itself
[These very same people, complain about this trait at home but care not to exhibit in their home land . It just spoils the whole feel good factor of returning home.]

I want a day when I am running late for work when living in my country and want to take public transport and feel good about it, instead of sulking . 
[During the times I have lived abroad, I have enjoyed public transport and I want that at home as well]

I want a day when I go cast my vote and come back feeling that it will be COUNTED and it will change my country's government for the better and not come back thinking "It is fixed anyway"

I want a day when the "so-called-educated-modern-day-youth" who would shell out dollars/pounds to pass the test to get oneself a driving license in the foreign land, but back home would NOT get themselves a bribed driving license without even have sat behind the wheel even once.
[This when known to be done by the modern day youth is heart wrenching. They have no right to talk about indisciplined driving styles at home, then]

Such ends my dream.

Home is where the heart is. In that heart is where my "Home Dream" is and I call it the "Indian Dream"

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18 Responses
  1. Home is where the heart is. A better home ensures a better locality ; a better locality a better city ; a string of good cities begets a better nation. A better nation, a better world.

    Home is the epicenter of everything :-) . Home dream is a necessity..

    I had thoughts very similar to yours -- cliched, what thereafter(past the competition). We hope our take at on the "INDIAN DREAM" can outlive blog-a-ton 3 :-). It revolves around how we ought to get all of us toward that India Shining we keep harping about ..


  2. Hey, your comments form is a tad broken and maybe the reason why people have not been able to comment. The word verification prompt hides the text box and O could not easily enter the word. Had to monkey a bit :-) .Sorry for the duplicate post. Just thought would let you know...

  3. @Madhu, Thanks for letting me know.

  4. Samsung Says:

    well..i felt that the dreams are not the right ones... Agreed that ur dreams are up to u.. but the things that u mentioned are a bit secondary. Ppl jumping queues have got nothing to do with a country being developed.. Indians are not formal ppl... u fight for survival here....jumping queues is negligible....And public transport... There are comfortable public transport mechanisms... In other countries.. u get good tranport but u have to pay similarly... the same thing can be obtained in india.. think about the KSRTC volvo buses in bangalore.. they are awesome.. Just that they cost more.. The normal transport is crowded.. But so it is in main cities.. U ought to take public tranport in SFO and LA...U know fr sure that the electronic voting machines are introduced to prevent the election malpractices.I agree there might be some discrepacies are being discussed currently but still there is a major effort... and sincerely do u beleive an american or brit can ever drive in india.. but indians can drive anywhere.... :)

    Hail India!!!!!!

  5. Anonymous Says:

    wow.. "I want a day when I am running late for work when living in my country and want to take public transport and feel good about it, inside of sulking . " concurs with my opinion..cheers

  6. pawan Says:

    Crisp is the mantra for this post I feel.
    It was simple and without hassles, but you could have elaborated a bit more!

    But nevertheless you raised some important points!


  7. Shruti Says:

    Hey hi :)
    Am a fellow blog-a-tonic.
    Thatt's a good dream! You maintained it short and sweet!!
    All the best :)

  8. Anonymous Says:

    some of your thoughts were actually good...
    but I really can't comment on them which I think to be otherwise....since they were from an NRI's point of view...

  9. Typical dreams of an Indian .. I want all those things too :)

  10. soin Says:

    and dream it shall be..

  11. Anonymous Says:

    I was not able to comment on this post earlier.. tried lot of times.. seriously even I see these differences when soon after landing.. It is my dream too :) nice one

  12. Pankaja Says:

    Well dreamt i would say :)
    Indeed one knows the difference and lacunas we have in our systems once we see it abroad.
    Good one.

  13. pra Says:

    "Written from the heart" post! Yes everyone should dream about their home land and try to fulfill them.

  14. Anonymous Says:

    yeah i put the comment a million times..then i dint know what to do!!(yuo were one of the earliest to post ..right?),,then i posted about the comment problem in blog-a-ton...:P

    and it is sad that you have lost so many comments there...:(...i shall write my comment 1million 1th time ;)

    you have a wonderful post..and all the best!!


  15. Vipul Grover Says:

    A nice little dream.. little in content but grand in context.. Way to go b4 we achieve it.. but definitely we'll do tht one day :)

  16. @daisyblue try if you can post now.