What if

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What if
The relationship circles didn't recycle to hurt.

What if
Time is never needed as a healing for a wound.

What if
There just arises no need to hide those emotions.

 What if
Dreams did not have deadlines.

What if
Dreams were not interconnected and can be lived even without being at the cost of the other.

What if
There were just no "If s" in life.

If all those were TO BE, then my life would just be a blessing, did I hear any BUT, insipid anywhere? *Sigh*, *Sulk*

I hate these IF s that keep popping in my mind for I have no answer for them and I hate the BUT s that I hear as replies even more.

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10 Responses
  1. Meenakshi Says:

    Ifs and buts are a part of our life and something all of us get in aplenty...

    So, gather them all..dump them on the ground and climb over them to reach your dreams. :)

  2. Sureindran Says:

    what if all your "what ifs" comes true for once. good job man, I enjoyed reading!

  3. Looking for a slice of utopia Tup ? :-) . It would indeed be great to have all that your wished be true, but in the absence of it , I'm following Geeta's advice ' we can try and enjoy the best damn show -- life, unfurling here on Earth..' :-) .

    Loved the innocence and the wish for Utopia..

  4. What if there is no poetry ...
    what if there is no expression...
    what if there is no language....
    what if there is no blogging.....

    .... Gawwwwwd....... i cant imagine it

  5. I hate the ifs too! :) Liked your post!

  6. Karthik Says:

    And what if you'd not written this post? Probably my mind might not have been rejuvenated as it has now. Fabulous write up!
    Simply put: for all the questions you've asked; life wouldn't have been so damn interesting if those ever came true. :)
    All the best for batom!

  7. All the Ifs and Buts in life, cant live with r without them :) Good take on the topic.

  8. Shruti Says:

    So many If's and buts!! Like TWW said, we cant live without them either!

  9. Anonymous Says:

    Wonderful ifs.
    Dreams did not have deadlines..That's a very interesting thought.

    Are u sure u want life without these ifs and buts'? I wont be any challenging living I guess..

  10. Mural! Says:

    I think these thoughts are worth more than 2 pence that you say!!

    on another note
    I think dreams can lived independant of one another, its nly envy that plays spoilsport....!

    somehow missed your entry for BAT7 till now!