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A writer can write only as the long as the pen holds ink, or the lead is not broken?
- Or for as long as he can think?

A singer can sing only as long as he has his voice?
- Or for as long as there is music in his soul.

A driver can go only as long as his fuel lasts?
- Or for as long as there is direction in his life to get there.

A dreamer can only dream more doozies only as long as her most cherished dream is not shattered.
- Or for as long as she can does not crush it herself.

The ink may fade, but it is only running out.
The table will shake, but it is only getting old.
The path may be blocked with obstacles, preventing only the flowing of the ink, or the sharpening of the lead, but it will clear.

All this only as long as you hold on to your pen, hold on to your writing table, the connection stays, the "ME" in you lives.

Hold on to your nerves, hold the thread and hold the belief, the "DREAM" in you lives.

If there is something that you really need, the whole world will conspire to get it to you, but you need to hold on to the world for it to get that thing to you. You need to exist in that world.

Writing is only a medium, thinking is the thread.
Driving is only a medium, direction is the thread.
Singing is only a medium, music is the thread.
Achieving is only a medium, dream is the thread.

That line on that picture between “My pencil” and the “Source pencil” is my thread, that which I cling on to, refueling my ink or sharpening my lead to keep my dream alive, to be part of this world to get THAT THING to me.
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19 Responses
  1. aativas Says:

    Very philosophical interpretation of the image, liked it.

  2. Govind Says:

    As always a very novel prespective from tuppence.The Image does make a lot of sense after reading the post.Good post!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Nice post. Its true to live by your dreams rather than following traditions or taking the material world to be the ultimate.

  4. Philosophical interpretation that leaves a thought to ponder. I liked it Tuppence.

    "..dream is the thread" lingers on and you made the source pen feed your pen, that was nice :-)

  5. SiD Says:

    gawd thats so thought provoking...:D

  6. pra Says:

    First I got the impression that it is very negative...but to my surprise it is really very optimistic! This is a nice thought provoking post twopence!

  7. Raksha Raman Says:

    I'm a philosophy admirer! No doubt this post struck a chord! It sure makes one scratch the surface and dig deeper to try and understand the message! Good one! Good luck with BATOM 6!

  8. Karthik Says:

    That was very soothing indeed. Felt really good. Should really thank you for writing such a post.
    All the best!
    Cheerios! :)

  9. Samsung Says:

    Nice thought process to relate this idea to the picture.
    Well laid out ......though some amount of repetition could have been avoided.

    Great going!!!

  10. JustAnother Says:

    well writ... enjoyed readin it

  11. Nicely done. You got me thinking about lotsa things now...

    *continues thinking

  12. geeta Says:

    thought provoking post....

  13. gkam Says:

    I'm not a big fan of philosophy, but ur post got me thinking on many levels.

    Good luck for BATOM6! :)

  14. Shruti Says:

    Very good post from u, as always!

  15. pushpee Says:

    nicely expressed...philosophically....:)

  16. neeraj Says:

    Very Very inspirational! I loved it!

  17. Megha Says: beautifully woven

  18. Jaunty anima Says:

    Brilliant effort Tuppence!!
    Very very motivating...n inspirational too!!
    I'd come back 4 more...loved ur style of writing:)

  19. Just loved every alphabet of the post....
    it did say many unsaid things....
    Philosophical and intriguing...
    Great effort....
    id did leave an indelible impression on me....