Slum Dog Millionaire: Bottomless optimism is the bottomline

Slum Dog Millionaire: Bottomless optimism is the bottomline
- - If it is to be, it will be.

This blog is not going to talk about how it depicts a low esteem of India  or about how this movie showed to the rest of the world which already thinks that every picture of a slum should be of India, or about the guilt trips made by all the Indians in getting reminded of the SLUM Children while we are basking in all the luxuries of life or if it really deserved those Oscars or not. 

It is just going to talk about the brilliance with which this movie is made, its fiction aspects, its theme and its fairy tale ending.

The movie is based on Bottomless optimism, how fate and just hoping against hope to have your dreams come true ; still making all the attempts  and taking all the risks to get there . The story is about how a young lad who loses the connection to his love to fate, lives his life just to realise his dream without forgetting her even for a moment. He gets on TV on a quiz show which could earn him a million bucks. He being no genius, fears nothing, though being mocked of his social status in the show, remains unpertubed and answers every question by just recalling the incidents in his life. 

It is optimism all the way. 

He hopes to find his lost brother's number when in a Call Center, he does.
He hopes to see her someday, he does.
He hopes to have her meet him at the railway station one evening, she does.
He hopes she will watch the show, she does. 
He wishes she will be his, and fate has it for him , SHE IS.

All this not because he was lucky but because He wishes with all his heart and soul with all the optimism in the world.

The feeling of a win elates you the most only when you are not conscious of your winning. You could read that on the boy's face, for what he was playing for is not the money but for the love of his life. Road side cricket, film star worship which can make a kid jump through the hole of a latrine, temptation to cheat on a game show, fake tour guides, how much socio-economic status can matter in your lives, child hood miseries of the slums, it captures the truth of India proudly packaged with India s very own extraordinary music. It Happens only in India.

True to its theme, they emerged out winners of the Oscar, as they sing in the movie
"Everyone's a winner now we're making that fame". 

If it is to be, it will be.

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  1. Samsung Says:

    To be honest,the review was more or less an expected one.While the writer's intent of presenting the "bottomless optimism" idea becomes pretty evident while reading the review and impressive examples add to its credibility, Some facts that are mentioned seems to be highly influenced by what the media put forth..For example, the statement that the movie depicts a low esteem of india. I personally believe its not right. The movie did justice to its plot. How else will one depict the slums of india if not by showing the slums !!! The movie had a wonderful screenplay and the direction was good, which kept the viewers interested through out the movie. And the music...its certainly not among Rahman's better ones... The fact that this song became so popular simply demonstrates the power of media publicity