The strength of a Thousand Elephants

The strength of a Thousand Elephants - Vaaranam Aayiram

Well, after reading a few reviews of this movie on blogs, I was tempted to write my own. The only other movie review I had ever written was of Guru and been a long time since I blogged too. This is not going to be the cliched "every scene is liking a painting or is a poem".

An ordinary man's life, about the wonders that one can do if one can believe in one self., middle class family dreams and the subtle unplanned ways in which the dreams are weaved to reality are all the aspects I loved about the movie.

Love - at - first sight can make you smile only if it comes from a classy director like Gautham and an unassuming Surya.The music is heavenly, the lyrics mind blowing and moves any one to emotional stances of love and can bring a smile to any face when listened to.

Yes, if you thought that an ordinary man being unable to meet his family expenses sending his son to the US was far fetched, then welcome to the middle class family. Am sure many of us , from upper middle class families agree and relate to this even if it does not mean as extravagant as flying abroad to bring home one's love . Parents will go that extra mile in seeing their children live their dream even if means cutting down on their retirement saving benefits.

The agony that the parents go through when seeing the drug-addicted-son for whom they had dreamt some doozie dreams all their life is well crafted. The confidence the father has in himself and his son by talking him out of the habit and trusting him and allowing him to take a break are all scenes which speak volumes of the strength of the father-mother-son characters which is the strength of a Thousand elephants personified - Vaaranam Aayiram, indeed.

The love between the Surya - Simran couple is beautifully painted. You give 100% marks when Simran chides angrily seeing Surya reach for a cigarette even in a hospital after being diagnosed with cancer and he goes "Darling " :)

The second love for the hero is enacted beautifully and the sophisticated maturity with which Divya explains "I was happy for you" when she realised his love for Sameera. The innocence with which she waits for years without hearing from him about her love with the silent hope that he would come some day is cute and doesn't give the "oh-so-cliched" tamil movie feel.

Full credits to Surya - Sivakumar must be a proud father and Jo the much envied woman in town and Goutham, a proud son of his late father.

A delight to watch and we could relive and recollect "My Daddy strongest and My Mommy Best "

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