Relationships - Part 37 - The "Don't like them initially" people

When you meet some people first, their mannerisms annoy you, or their inquisitiveness intrude into your privacy too much, or you find them pompous and bragging or trying to control you too much. They are unlike this "Stranger turned friendship" people. Without giving them any more time, within the first few hours or maximum days, you make your decision firm and strong to dislike them. You start looking at them with biased eyes and you find fault with everything that do, though they may be right. Despite their never ending attempts to try and make them like you, you don't give up.

But, then coming to think of it, over days, months, giving yourself a lot of time, recuperating on your interactions with them, when redrawing some of these circles, you realise that you have grown to like them actually. 

These are the people, whom you did not like initially, the only reason being you were in a hurry to close your outermost circle for them and then time told the truth and opened some boundaries for them.

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  1. Hiyaa Says:

    I have tried to really like these category of people...yep! some have become friends but a majority of them have first instincts about them have held good and saved me a lot of heartache.