If I was invisible...

I will put my courageous best to live this world without my soul-mate and not succeed .

I would utter the most sincere prayer for my heart to be taken care of , wherever I lost it. I would  wish evil for this cruel world for taking it away from me.

I would replay some past moments with the hope to make me happy but in the bargain get emotionally moved.

As my mind conjures up all the negative thoughts, I would cry it to sleep and in the morning offer it some words of consolation.

I would try to keep my mind focussed on other things than to be lost in depression and fail so miserably at the attempt and feel much more depressed than before.

When more things seem to be go wrong, I would just miss myself terribly and go out in the world madly in search of the "ME" with the HOPE alone clinged on.

And when I find myself back, I will cry out of joy and swear to never use this power again and will relish the joy of finding my lost treasure.

For only I know what my mind went through while the heart was away. 

The blog post in response to this contest.

2 Responses
  1. Piyush Says:

    Hello there.
    I came here from the blogadda link.
    I participated in the contest too, just for kicks. :P
    For all its worth, I loved your piece. You would definitely get my vote if we were allowed to, that is.
    Keep it up!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    One of the best entries for the contest :) It was nice reading this Tuppence :)