Tomorrow - Part 23 - Tomorrow Never Dies

Yes, Title Borrowed from a James Bond movie. But what am going to write in this blog, is nothing to do with World War III or China or about warships. 
It is just my little message to all of you to say that I think about Tomorrow never Dies. When it comes to its finish, it hands over its title and charm to another day which you will call Tomorrow. It always leaves you to live only its past. 
Yes, we are Tomorrow's Past, any day, any moment. 
Isn't that spine-tingling? Ringing in your ears? We are Tomorrow's past, clash of the tenses. Now you know what I went through when I wrote this.

The first time, I read the title "Tomorrow never dies", I got a very creepy feeling of what it could mean and what it could be interpreted as. But thinking about it for a while, it gives a very simple message to say, D.R.E.A.M, your dreams never die. 

From childhood, we have had many dreams, after they are realized and lived, it loses the excitement. Yeah, dream of visiting a foreign land, dream of finding that good job, dream of getting that special someone, dream of learning a skill, so on and so-forth. When you have lived some of your dreams and the best way to live a dream is with the deja-vu elation that you already lived this very same moment - In your dream. 

So, does that mean that your dreams are done and dusted with, after you have realized them? No, it only means that you now need to dream up some more doozies , for as long as there is a DREAM alive, Tomorrow never does.

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