Beautiful - Part 5 - Beautiful Dream

I have already written about DREAM here and said, as long as there is a DREAM alive, Tomorrow never dies. This again is a post about Beautiful Dreams.  

Sleep is a period of time, when you consciously have less control over your thoughts. The human mind in its sleep thinks unbiased , with no inhibitions, and it does not need to wage its war with the heart. It is your purest thoughts, those of your sub conscious mind that which takes predominance over you. Dreams are your thoughts, your deepest desires or your darkest fears. 

A beautiful dream is one which you wake up to, enjoy the moment, and then in a wee bit of time fades from your memory . After days, months or years, when that very same beautiful moment or situation is lived in the consciousness, while you are wide awake and a "deja-vu" effect crosses your mind, and then you realize that it had been a dream once and that you are living that dream today.  

Now that is a beautiful dream, that is a beautiful moment of a dream come true and that is a sign of a beautiful life filled with mirth.  

There are some of your worst fears sometimes that haunt you in your dreams, like a real bad dream where you see events which you just dread. It is scary and these fears manifest themselves in your dream, to remind you of your weakness and is a blessing in disguise, it is your mind's intelligent way of making you live that moment in your dream so that you don't fear it anymore. After all, fear for anything exists only till it is experienced once. So face the fear in your dream and don't fear that thing anymore and handle it with mettle when you have to live it.

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    Very thoughtfull post . It should be very much helpfull

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