This is not about a character of a person; it is more about the things we tend to become at certain spans or certain feel factor that we go through.

You may be an extrovert person, but there have been some private shyness period that you have gone through.

You may be a bold person, but there have been moments of deep gripping fear that has chilled your spine.

You may be an overly practical person, but there have been some emotion gripping periods where you found yourself groping to make a decision.

You may be an under-playing success or a less-excited kinds, but there have been some moments where you blew things up, felt pumped up and found it hard to keep that head on those shoulders.

You may be an enthusiastic, high energy person, but there are some periods where you felt even a great dream realized or a much-longed-for successful moment seems subdued.

You may be a patience personification, but there are some hurried moments that you have gone through.

What caused these?
There are situations which have led us to such moments.
There are relationship links who revealed these moments to us.
There are some threshold points in life which caused these changes in us.
There sometimes is no plain reason for those fleeting moments, they just come by and leave you wondering about what you are doing to yourself as a person.

When reading this, if you can recall such stances in your life, then you know exactly what am talking about. If you don't recall any, then it is most likely that you haven't just realized these moments, but they have existed in your life. I am almost certain; there can be no one who has not gone through this.

My series is going to be on these periods that we go through in life and the impact it has had on us as a person.

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