Fleeting series – Part 2 - The “subdued” Fleeting Times

Have you ever felt like this?

Have been longing to meet someone for a long time, when the time and date is worked out, you suddenly feel just ordinary.

Waiting restlessly for a movie or a book to be released, but when booked tickets or the book held in hand, it sometimes just feels ordinary.

Have been wanting to buy an item but stayed away because you found it expensive, suddenly it is on dirty-cheap sale, but it seems ordinary and you actually don't feel like having it now even if given free.

Have been wanting to own a thing and you get it as a gift and it seems ordinary within the first few hours.

Planned a holiday of a lifetime way in advance, but as you pack your bags and the day of start nears, it just seems like just another holiday.

A dream cherished for a lifetime, held so dear close to the heart, while on the last mile run, sometimes just seems ordinary.

These are sub-dued fleeting periods as I call them. The adrenaline does not go up, no great achievement seems great enough to excite you, no amazing deal, no longed for item seems to help and get to out of your sub-dued fleeting period. We have all gone through it and we just find anything wrong with us feeling subdued during those times. Whether or not we have realized these periods, we were better off underplaying those moments than being excited by them. Our mind plays its coins well to keep us in control, though we just don't understand why and how it manages to do it.

The SUBDUED Fleeting moments have left me perplexed and confused and wondering if am really wishing for the right things . Why my heart is suddenly not happy at what it wanted sometime back?  I waged a war with my heart asking it these questions.

Were you really happy but just not wanting to show it by being excited, and why would not want to hide it from me?
Or were you really not happy at all?

I was defeated in the war and I felt subdued once again at the end of it instead of throwing a rage. Some things are better left to themselves than dissected.

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