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The society called me a fool, when I refused to understand the word Success as defined by them and said that I am going to define it for myself.

Despite only a few successes, I never called myself a fool.
…Only because..those few were the most glorious.

Spectators and acquaintances called me a fool, when they saw me value my relationships more than anything else.
Despite some broken trusts and failed relationships, I never called myself a fool.
…Only because..with the ones I kept, I felt blessed.

Colleagues called me a fool, when I did not go behind a fat pay cheque and defined my own priorities.
Despite a depleting bank balance, I never called myself a fool.
…Only because..I had a much satisfied heart than a good looking bank balance.

Friends called me a fool, when I was cribbing, feeling less satisfied, not letting myself be in peace though things were seemingly good to everybody else.
Despite some lonely unhappy times and troubled sleepless nights, I never called myself a fool.
…Only troubling the trouble attitude kept me on my toes towards my goals and to define my yardstick.

Onlookers called me a fool, for being arrogant, another set called me a fool, for being innocent,
Despite these mixed tags, I never called myself a fool.
…Only because..I had a few people who could understand my arrogance and innocence, who celebrated and stood by me, the times and situations in which I exhibited the contradictory qualities.

All the world now calls me a fool, when I say I have a dream to chase, a thread to hold on to, a connection to not let go...
Despite all the pain, I wasn’t calling myself a fool.
…Only because........................
Pain overwhelms, beliefs held strong by the heart ripped apart,
So today I ask Am I a fool? Was I always a fool or did I turn into one?

You are anything, only if you think so.
Me to myself: Am I a fool?
My heart doesn’t answer pretending not to hear.... My mind stammers…
Fool the fools one other time, mummers my mind to my heart…
Is my heart hearing?

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15 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    Labels are meant to discourage - those who don't let labels bother them go on to change the meanings of those labels!

    Very interesting idea!! And very positive and inspiring!!

  2. Interesting. Optimistic. And something different. I always people trying out and exploring things, and let me tell you... you did that with ease here. Loved reading it!

  3. aativas Says:

    Very positive attitude.. wish everyone can say that and live happily :)

  4. Leo Says:

    yes.. this hit the mark i think! good one! :)

  5. geeta Says:

    You have hit the bulls eye..Wonderful read I can say...

  6. Wow that was really good! I liked the way u presented it... made a huge difference... all the best for BAT! :)

  7. Guria Says:

    I am soo with you....
    But they only call you a fool because the want to be you, and they don't have the strength to be.
    It's better being the Fool in their books... your heart always knows better. Very well expressed!

  8. swayambhu Says:

    Wonderful read!!!!! Inspirational stuff!

  9. quite a optimistic PD stuff......
    liked the composition and the comprehensiveness....
    wil consider dis for votin :)

  10. Mural! Says:

    I would not call you a fool on any of the above issues, nice thought process you have going for yourself :)

    Here is my BAT post::Murali - FOOL

  11. I love optimism the way you have carved it in those thought provoking sentences! Brilliant, absolutely brilliant!

  12. Nice one! Big applause for taking part!

  13. Richa Sharma Says:

    Fools r those who call u a fool for desiring all the meaningful things in life!!

    Beautifully written...deserves a round!!

  14. Chatterbox Says:

    Loved the motivation and positive note your wonderful post left in my mind.
    The optimism in your words did wonders in your take of the prompt.

    Keep up the good work & best wishes for the contest :D


  15. The Fool Says:

    Highly inspirational stuff. You have truly understood the spirit of the Fool, my friend for fools tread in where angels fear to tread. Posting comment after contest as I was out of town.

    Do check out my entry as well if you have time. The Fool - FOOL