Fleeting Series Part 1 – “Fleeting“ Glory

The feeling that yours is someone's shoulder to cry on.
The feeling that your being upset disturbs somebody.
The feeling that somebody seeks your presence.
The feeling that your pep talk helped somebody revive and when you are thanked for that.
The feeling that your contribution has made a difference to a team.
The feeling that your opinions on a topic are respected and quoted.
The feeling that you get when you overhear some genuine praises of your work.
The feeling that you get when you are told that you helped someone's dream.
The feeling that you get when you realize you are somebody's dream.

Whenever you have had such feelings, there is nothing short of glory that you have been through. People have celebrated you, your moods, and your successes as though it was theirs, people have come to you to share their moments of depression and given you a deserving part-take in their success moments and in short, have glorified you. Not to forget the best of them of all being the moments of self-glory when you have exceeded your own yardstick or have “Fooled the fools”. These moments when they occurred and when recalled are the sole reasons for us to wipe off any doubts that we had in ourselves during our downtime.

Through this blog, I leave a Thank you note for all those who have glorified ME. This is to let you know that these fleeting “glorious” moments were great to the heart and helped survived those evil fights with the inner self which is always putting a check like a watch dog to not celebrate too much.

Glory be to all of them and to all the things that happened in our lives. If not for such moments of glory, it is not possible to glide through this wicked journey called "Life".

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