Tomorrow - Part 27 - Tomorrow is my last Tomorrow/Beautiful Series Post

I am shifting away from the Beautiful theme for today, because I want to talk about Tomorrow which is going to be my last Theme Post in my blog. I got into Theme Blogging about a month ago (Precisely on August 24th) when I posted this. I picked up the themes from NaBloPoMo for August and September , Tomorrow and Beautiful. With about 26 posts on Tomorrow and 9 posts on Beautiful, I am running my last mile now tomorrow and will complete my 30 blogs in 30 days for the month of September.  

During this time, I had drafted a hundred drafts in my mind, in rough scraps, on my iTouch while on travel and "What to write Tomorrow" has been a persistent thought in my mind everyday.  

This blog that started as a review blog, with me placing my "two pennies" on the things I read and watched has now transformed into a blog that gave vent to a lot of new things like Theme blogging.  

I thoroughly enjoyed this blog ride the whole of this month, all thanks for the motivation goes to nablopomo. I am waiting for my badge "I DID IT beautifully" for the month of September to showcase on my blog and you wait for the last Tomorrow/Beautiful Series post.

I feel like this today about parting with this theme.

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  1. grt job macha, good, fantastic actually, inbetween ur busy schedule u r doin these, keep it up,

    Keep smiling