Tomorrow - Part 6 - The decision making tomorrows

Whatever our life is today, and what it will be tomorrow is because of the decisions that we have made consciously or unconsciously at the various stages of our life.
This post is about what we went through before the day we had to make those decisions?  

Conscious decision making days: 
What was our mindset and what did we go through the previous day when we knew that it was decision making time , tomorrow? Restless, confused, mentally waging a war within the contradictory decisions that keep crossing the mind, fretting and fuming while weighing the pros and cons of the many options.

Why did there have to be choices at all, that too for this most important decision of mine? I don't want to decide, could it not have been one of those unconscious decisions? 
We get all worked up and ask friends for suggestions on what decision we should take, though we secretly want them to give the answer that we had already decided in our sub-conscious mind. We fought with ourselves, trying to calm our mind, trying to talk to our inner-souls and trying to counsel our minds that the decision we take is going to be a wise one.  
Now, so much thought had gone into that decision which was made the next day, tomorrow. The decision was made , life went on. But what makes our tomorrows beautiful is the ability to accept those decisions that we made in life and to not regret them.  

Unconscious decision making days: These were the occasions when our sub conscious minds were not aware of the decisions we are making. But while retrospecting on the things in our life, most of the happiest things in our life have been the result of these unconscious decision making.  
Our best tomorrows are dedicated to these unconscious decisions (that we actually did not really make). The greatest example of these unconscious decisions are the friends we made along life's way.