Tomorrow - Part 2 - The misspelt Tomorrow Days

In my last post, I talked about the many tomorrows, the degree of anticipation varied with no known pattern over the years as we grew up. 
This post will talk about the Tomorrow - When we learnt to spell the word as toddlers.

As little ones, when the thought of tomorrow was only about , 

Will I get to play with my new toy the next day?
Will I get Play Time in the next days timetable?
Is the next day a Saturday?
Will Dad be back home early atleast the next day to take me out for grocery shopping and to relieve me from mom's homework grip?
Why is mum making me spell the word Tommorrow Tomorrow  so many times for the next day's spelling test?
Will I get extra time to play before I picked up from school the next day?
Will mom buy me that toy that my neighbor had?

Most of them were Questions about tomorrow that we asked ,the answers for which we got from my parents. The answers convinced us , made us happy and all was simple, easy and sweet.

I still remember my school times when I consciously spelt the word TOMORROW and now, I see myself being conscious of the Tomorrows itself. We don't only ask questions to ourselves about our tomorrows but choose to answer it ourselves, get dissatisfied with our own answers, try a different answer and by the time we figure out how best we can answer, the tomorrow is there. 
The best of our tomorrows were the ones we were unconcious about and we hold the key to our better tomorrows.
To a happier tomorrow.