Tomorrow - Part 7 - Tomorrow is Monday

Mondays are special tomorrows in their own right associated with a myriad of feelings which varied through the different stages of life. 

Sunday's Tomorrow - Stage 0:
Time with Dad at home for lots of pampering and fighting for you at home for reduced study time. Swamped with homework.

Tomorrow is Monday, So I have to wear Monday's special uniform for school?

Sunday's Tomorrow - Stage 1:
When you came back home on Friday evening and got that permission for extra play time, you swore to yourself that you would study diligently on Saturday but you now don't remember how the Saturday went by. Now, it s the Sunday and tomorrow is that Monday and you have in your hand lots of unfinished assignments, unprepared for tests and you are in a mess. 

And you start wishing thus
I swear that I will not wait till the last minute for the next Monday's test. 
Hope my Math teacher falls sick tomorrow or does not check homework tomorrow.
Hope my Science teacher forgets the scheduled test tomorrow.

Sunday's Tomorrow - Stage 2:
Movies, shop-outs with friends, late Sunday breakfasts, eat-out lunches with pocket money, beaches, long phone-calls discussing the Monday's tests and time-table with no plans though to study for them. 

What shall I wear tomorrow?

Sunday's Tomorrow - Stage 3:
Gaping at the list made for the weekend like clean the wardrobe, clean the room,laptop, change the covers, do the left over bits at work, write those long pending work emails, shop for that birthday which is a month away.  Can tick off nothing from that list as done, it is already Sunday evening. 

Why is it still Sunday morning in that cursed US of A timezone, I am so J when chatting with the friend in that timezone. My Sunday is drawing to a close while theirs is yet to begin.
How much of that list can wait till the next Sunday, surely the cleaning stuff can wait.

It is Monday tomorrow, Hope you had a great weekend, have a beautiful Monday, tomorrow to mark a great week.