Tomorrow - Part 8 - The misty eyed Parting Tomorrows

This post is about our Strong feelings for Tomorrow, when it is time to part with our dearest, close-to-heart people/things. More than the actual day of parting, the feelings in imagination of the day that is going to be tomorrow are emotional and you find it difficult to get that over with.  
When it is parting time tomorrow, you feel like this, and wish for that parting time not to come.  

How many of such Parting Tomorrows have you had  

Tomorrow is my school farewell - All the days of swamped homework don't seem horrible anymore and you don't want tomorrow to come for it would never being able to wear that school uniform.  

Tomorrow is my College Farewell - All those boring lectures seem heavenly and you don't want tomorrow because it would mean that you no-longer wear the student tag and is feeling insecure about being on your own. No more phone calls to discuss professors, tests, semester exams. The identity you had as a student is going to be taken away and you got to be on your own to find yourself an identity.  

Tomorrow my best friend leaves the country - With this person whom you did not have to think of whether busy, in the middle of sleep, but walk into the house or pick up the phone to talk/to cry/to laugh/to gossip is not going to be available for you suddenly. Did you ever think that such a tomorrow will come when you have to part with that friend whom you never thought was outside of you.  

Tomorrow is the last day at my workplace - Not the same faces, not the same luxury, not the same brand, not the same team, not the same colleagues. Not the same tomorrow as today. It is time to bid it farewell. Oh dear, all for the better, why don't you want to think.  

Tomorrow is the last day in this city - Moving places, not the same people, not the same neighbors, not the same roads, not the same eat outs, not the same language. Not the same address.  

Tomorrow is the last day of my vacation - Back to work, like all good things this too came to an end. Did you really have to take it, if you knew you were going to feel this bad that it is coming to an end. Tomorrow is Monday, back to work.  {Sulk}

Tomorrow is the last day in this house - Moving to a new home, even with all that happiness and joy, there is that hollow in your heart to what has been a part of you all these years or even decades.  

Heart-wrenching though it was to think of those tomorrows, they came and you lived through it because time is the answer to any dear thing parted with, however dearest they were. Life goes on after the good-byes be it a parted relationship, or a best friend, or a neighbor or a city or a room mate that you parted with.  

Like how you had to part with all those things-so-dear and went through misery the previous day and finding it difficult to think of the tomorrow without them, you have to part with every day in life. Because tomorrow is no one's to hold it for ever. 

As you bid your today good-bye, remember that you need to bid farewell to every tomorrow. They will come not a moment late and just how they came, they will leave you just in time, even if beg and plead for it stay. No tomorrow can stay longer or go away sooner, but will rub some of its magic charm on you or cast its evil spell, you have to part with it.  
Every tomorrow is going to die and will get reborn as the next tomorrow and they all are fondly remembered as Yesterdays then.  
Good Bye, So long Today and Welcome Tomorrows.

P.S: I am not going to part with my tomorrow series, yet. The theme with continue on this blog along with the Beautiful theme for September. Looking forward to Beautiful Tomorrows.

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