Tomorrow - Part 5 - The no-expectation tomorrows: Gifts or curses?

This is about some tomorrows about which you gave no thought. The thought of it never crossed your mind even for a split second, yeah, they were fine to take care of themselves, you did not have to worry! It was neither those happy tomorrow for which you needed to prepare and welcome it with all reverie, nor was it those scary tomorrow which needed your rebuke , spite , curse and threatening.

These tomorrows of mine were just left to take shape on its own , not wishing for, not planning for, no yardstick set for it to fall short of or for it to exceed. Some of such tomorrows have gone by without leaving a trace but some such tomorrows have caught me unawares and taken me on a roller coaster ride both happy and sad. 

One never expected anything specific for a gift. Did one? So Such toomorrows when they were given to me, were just carefully unpacked , enjoyed , cherished and put back to be treasured. Yeah, only because those tomorrows were gifts.

Rather, if they turned out to be bad, they were just left to be and just not blamed only because I did not treat as one of those most-dreaded-tomorrows.

How many of your no-expectation tomorrows turned out to be gifts and how many of them as curses?
Most of mine have been gifts :). 
Sleep a peaceful night expecting nothing for tomorrow , after all it is a Saturday (gift) tomorrow.