Something that still not IS, something is not YET, something that WILL BE.

The Tomorrow - Everyone's dream.

It is a magic word in every man's life, the ray of a hope, the charm of a brighter, better day, the happiness of the things that are to be. From an innocent kid to an old lady, from the rags to the riches, from a rebellious teenager to a responsible young parent, from a successful businessman to a daily wages lay man, from a worried student to a frivolous college chap, it is a hope, it is a dream, it is an anticipation of a better today.

Having lived the many tomorrows, some dreaded ones, some happy ones, some excited ones, some longed-for ones, some can't-wait-for-it-to-come ones, some why-can't-the-night-stay ones we have all had our share of the tomorrows.

What can be a better tomorrow than to live it with the feeling and recollect that it was exactly what you had dreamt of the previous day. Is that what they call Living a Dream?
Here's to many more such tomorrows that are to come to me and to leave me with mirth.

This theme will stay on my blog for the rest of the month to bring my many tomorrows in the different phases of my life and the tomorrows that I see in the life of others around me.

Until Tomorrow, God Sped.
ALL WILL BE, tomorrow.

I picked up the theme up from and I hope to write everyday for the rest of this month on it. Though the theme is optional, I am going to try maximum to stick to it.
P.S: Watch this space tomorrow for more.