The Cream and Scum of blogging

Though I was not part of the Blog-A-Tonic for last month, I liked this topic. I came to know about Blog-A-Tonic from Daisy Blue when I visited her blog. Sounded good so I enrolled myself for the following month's Blog-A-Tonic. If I successfully submit my post to their Blog-Marathon this month, then I am going to include that badge in my blog.

I am borrowing this topic from Blog-A-Ton for want of keeping my blog alive and the selfish reason of feeling good about writing.

Since I liked their topic a good deal, I thought of writing about it in my blog. I have tried my hand at blogging in a couple of blogs in the past and started this one of late, with the intention of keeping it a place where I can place my "2 pence" on things like books, movies, people and life in general.

Here are my TWO PENNIES on Blogging

The Cream :
Keeping a journal of things that you hold dear, things that touch in a pleasant way helps you psychologically and it is proved medically thus. From my personal experience I have felt that whenever I have put something that has touched me in a blog or in writing, I realise how deeply I feel for such things than when I just remember it in my heart. It is an elated feeling when people unknown to you read your blog, like the way you write and leave a comment or two in your blog. It is a great way of making friends. More often than not, your writing style, the things you write passionately about, the things that put you off get revealed in your blog and you paint a picture of yourself on your blog page.

When I just want to vent out anger I am feeling with a boss, friend, family, when I am on a guilt trip about spending too much, fight with a friend, working too hard, not having time for family and friends, when I am all excited about some happy things in life, when I am deeply saddened by something , when I am just not feeling up to it at work, and at that point in time, when I want to say it to some one, and I realise that every friend of mine whom I can think of calling is busy for a phone call and when no friend is near for me to drop by for a cup of coffee,then I turn to my BLOG.

I am usually amazed whenever I read my blogs and realise how much I had been touched by that moment/event that I have blogged about and feel good about it now. Regular blogging can be considered a healthy time pass and a great way to express yourself to the world outside and be heard by others easily.

To me, Blogging is one of the Little somethings in life that I hold dear and love to do. For all the things I feel and want to say and every thing that is to be, it is my dear Blog. Though I don't update the three blogs I own so regularly, I hold them dear, because they make me smile whenever I go to them.

The Scum:
A blog can frustrate you when you think that many things about you are known to way too many people, which if not for the blog, none other than some hand picked friend of yours would have known. It can sometimes make you feel too naked about yourself. However, this is something that can be kept in control by the blog author. Then, the flip side about everything on-line is the spam comments and the stupid people wanting to know about you. This too is true with any social networking activity like blogging, orkut, facebook and the likes.

Weighing the cream and the scum, the cream takes over and wins hands down in my world.
Start yourself a blog and express yourself in words to yourself and to others. Trust me, it is a happy thing.