Tomorrow - Part 4- The Most dreaded tomorrows

After having my share of the fondly awaited tomorrow, life's been fair to me in giving me the right mix of the contary tomorrows too, those that wished would never come. 

From the negligible level of stage fear to the darkest fears of the inexplicable things , I have hoped against hope for that tomorrow to not come, for it to never become morning, and no trace of what is going to happen the next day to cross my mind, I was horrified by the very fact that it was already night and only sleep can keep me separated from that day and wanted that night to be longer than ever. But all these prayers went unanswered , and that much dreaded tomorrow came grinning spitefully without any delay of even a single second. 

Did I not deserve even for it to come late? How cruel was it , I thought.

Those same sleepless nights, longer showers and the unending reveries with sulking faces from those happy tomorrows marked a different emotion today. 
Those such tomorrows were however lived bitterly with all the grudge in the world and never wished for again. Things of that day could never to rewound back but only silently asked for it to never happen again. 

If your day today  is one such where you are dreading the tomorrow, then I am not going to advise you to try and be happy, but hate it with all the energy you have got, curse it with all your heart's vengeance, wreak all your malice on it, vent your anger out so that instead of you dreading it any longer, it will never muster up any courage to even come near you.