Tomorrow-Part 3- Preparing for tomorrows

After the todays as toddlers in the last post, as we grew up, we became more aware and conscious and were busy many todays in just preparing for tomorrow.

How best dressed can I go tomorrow to flaunt my new hairdo?
Why is there a night before it can be morning for that much longed day?
What is my first day in this new school going to be like?
What is going to be my best moment during this tour?
How am I going to react to my birthday wishes and those special gifts tomorrow?
What is it going to be like tomorrow when I give that birthday card that I read so many times and signed it with my best signature for my best friend?

The answers to these were lived and rehearsed multiple times through sleepless nights, longer showers and unending reveries , while being in a hurry for the tomorrow to come.

Come on. Don't be guilty and shy. Dream up your doozies and be in a hurry to go and tell your tomorrow* that you are revelling in the beauty of life and that you are reliving it just the way your dreamt it up the previous day. Am in a hurry to.

*The future to come.