Tomorrow - Part 9 - Don't want the tomorrow - yet because..

In this series I have talked about not wanting the tomorrow to come yet because I dreaded it for the many reasons stated here or because I was deeply saddened that it was parting time tomorrow or because I was frustrated about it being a Monday. But there is a special reason for which I did not want the tomorrow to come , it is because my today is beautiful and I want it to stay. It is an inexplicable beautiful feeling of the day that it is today.  

Dear Today, 
Dated: Today 23:55 hrs

I don't want to let you go. I can't see you become a yesterday.
Did somebody try to tell me that you will come back in the form of tomorrow . I don't want to believe that and I don't want to let you go. 
You have made me feel beautiful today. For all that you have been to me, here is a big thank you that was too busy to say during the day . 
Come back one day , I know you will, in just the same way you did today with no lesser beauty. 
While you go away, Leave some of your magic on my tomorrows. .

Lots of love,

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