Relationships - Part 29 - "Sail under false colours" people

..People who keep sticking on to you despite you giving them hints that you dislike them, you snap at them they grin, you yell at them they turn a deaf ear to you.

..People who for some reason want to know updates about you from every possible source, and how shamelessly they reveal that curiosity and inquisitiveness.

..People who keep talking on and on despite you visibly hinting to them, that you don’t enjoy their conversation.

..People who lack self-respect and are demeaning enough to annoy others trying to get into other’s comfort zones, they keep trying to get closer or enter into your inner circles.

..People who scornfully mock your successes and with all evil smiles celebrate your failures.

..People who around calling themselves your friend, when you don’t tell even you most open secret or even share you most public happiness with them. 

This is about the people whose company or presence gets me on my nerves and I just about don’t enjoy it. One can’t even call them carpetbaggers, because they get no benefit by sticking on to us or in collecting information about us, but they spitefully enjoy our troubles and contemptuously scorn our successes. The fa├žade that these people wear in the pretext of friendship is annoying and I call them “Sailing under false colors” people.

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