Relationships - Part 30 - Hurt - Win back / Lose forever relationships

I have talked about the circles of relationships, the circles that were drawn on the fly to fit people, the circle boundaries that were erased to move people around to take on new roles, the circle boundaries that were opened out to let people go. Relationships were made, broken, deteriorated, strengthened and some just left as is.

This post is about main cause of relationships breaking is hurt, be it a sudden bout of anger, or some conscious decisions to stay away and part ways, you hurt and get hurt when relationships tarnish.

There are some relationships people whom you can afford to hurt, and that relationship still remain and is mostly it is with the "Not-by-choice" people or the "No-Fear of losing them" people in our lives. You win them back by patiently going through hardship and guilt.
But there are some relationships which end because of hurt, these are those that are lost forever and can never be got back. Does time heal these relationships or are we always on a guilt trip?

How many of your people did you hurt and win back and how many did you lose forever?

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  1. pra Says:

    Relationship is very complecated matter. You have writen nicely about some aspects of it! Good try!