All in a Day's Work

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The post to be read imagining the sections as hours in a day and as years in one's life. 
00:01 - 03:00
I felt something different, something that I have not been used to. Everything seems new, out of the ordinary, I technically start a new something, some call it, new Life, some call it a new Day .

To me, it just feels like some disturbed moment of sleep, which you don't really wake up to, just heave a sigh or yell out a shriek and go back to slumber. Feel blessed that the alarm has a few more hours before it goes.

03:01 - 06:00
I saw some kind eyes looking at me with all love, some comforting hands pampering me, I saw those eyes say a few things to me, not with voice but with its heart. I saw a dream in my mother's eyes. I just registered the feeling of those eyes in my heart.

In the midst of that sleep, I saw some vision, I recognized a few things, I saw some things that am going to make mine. I did not know what to call it, it was a myriad of things. All with one clear message that I want it to be mine and I was happy. I did not know what to call it, I had to wake up to an alarm and I just gave it a name Dream, wrapped it, sealed it safely and went on .

06:01 - 09:00
I was all blue eyed, just observing, things and people around, inquisitively, all with a open willing to take anything as it comes attitude. I learnt a few lessons, picked up some values and habits all by just watching silently.

Consciously and unconsciously taking account of the things around, in preparation and anticipation of the things to unfold.

09:01 - 12:00
Slowly starting recognizing a few things, watching in silence. Using just intuition to decide between the good from the bad.

Started things a fresh, with the things I observed thus far and made a list of things to do. With all the confidence gained and the values picked up , ventured out to do the things with all the optimism in the world with an elated feeling of "nothing-can-go-wrong".

12:01 - 15:00
Some happy moments, some disturbing hungry moments. Some pampered and celebrated, some tears of pain all taken care of but.

Encountered some successes, fell down, hand held through a few steps. Celebrated those little successes, mourned a few failures, but took the lesson from both and swiftly got on.

15:01 - 18:00
Confused with too many things, feeling a little tired, things getting a little over the head, sometimes under control, but sometimes that head struggling to stay on my shoulders.

Like in a coffee break, recollected the things that has happened so far, took a check on the miles to go before I go to sleep. Sometimes feeling relaxed after taking counting but sometimes restless in a hurry to go get it done.

18:01 - 21:00
A bit of unrest, too may people around, everybody around seems happy and busy with me being the center of attraction. All so fast, from the only pair of eyes , I see many things and I seem to like it.

Some of the things that happened during this period were too quick and fast changing, some of them were realized and cherished, some done in a hurry and did not register. Among those that registered, the success I encountered and the people I who touched me, I unwrapped the Dream package I made put these things and people as new dreams inside and sealed it back, this time all the more securely.

21:01 - 23:59
I could recognize this face very well, the eyes that were all day on me, watching my every move, it is such a familiar feeling, I have seen it somewhere kind of feeling. The touch, the smile, the smell all reminding me of something that I have already seen/felt.

It felt everything around me seemed familiar. Who unpacked that "Dream" package and showed it to the outside world? All the contents of that "Dream" package, I can see it spilled over, taken shape and unveiled in front of me and leaving me with a "Deja-vu" feeling. I was living my dream and when I was on the verge without being able to decide if to feel elated or to be in doubt if this too was a dream, technically a new SOMETHING begins, a new Dream, a new Day, a new LIFE, whatever I should call it this time.

I wrote this post with the intention of the different sections to be read both with the perspective of it being the hours in a day and as also the years in our life. To me, life is a collection of a few hand picked dreams and every day in it is a step towards it. The above is an illustration of a dream dreamt in the initial wee hours, cherished during the day and then lived later with a "deja-vu" feeling. The same projected on to the years of life. Dreams are work in progress and all the work in our day in our contribution to a step closer to that dream.

"Live life, live your dream"
Post dedicated to this guest blogger who featured in my blog, a while ago, and to this "DREAMER" that the soul lives in.
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22 Responses
  1. Life indeed is a collection of a few hand picked dreams. Loved the paralell between the day and the life time..

    You have a art for conveying seemingly complex thoughts so easily Tuppence :-)

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  3. @Madhu - Thanks a lot. Glad you liked it

  4. neeraj Says:

    Life comprises of days... What realle counts is the amount of life filled within your each day! Loved the analogy buddy! Good one!

  5. Vipul Grover Says:

    Hey a unique interpretation Tuppence.. Loved this analogy.. oops evn neeraj has wrttn similar wrds bt swear on god, i read thm aftr writing mine :p

  6. very creative, it was a nice read :)

  7. That was an interesting read (although I must admit I had to read it twice!) Liked the parallels between our days and our lifetime...

  8. Shilpa Garg Says:

    A novel take on the topic!! Liked it!! :)

  9. Karthik Says:

    Hey that was a beautiful way of presenting your views. Liked the idea very much.
    Dreams are the ones that keep us alive and awake!
    Wonderful write-up. All the very best! Cheerios!

  10. Loved it... great piece of writting!


  11. Raksha Raman Says:

    Nice approach, well written, good read :)

  12. Shalini Says:

    The parallel treatment was very good. Isn't it always like that. Life is a collection of moments and each moment can be twinned to a point of time in our life.

    All the best fellow blogger! :)

  13. ηανєєη Says:

    that was innovative .. nice treatment to the topic

  14. Roshmi Sinha Says:

    Very creative and unique. It was a good read.

  15. pra Says:

    Very nice post. I come to know before your note that you are writing it with two perspectives.All the words like living a dream, Deja-vu feeling relate to the periods in life nicely! Very innovative aproach!

  16. Very nice and different post.. ur perspective and way of presentation is really unique, inspiring too.. great post :) Goodluck..

  17. Quite innovative and unique plot...

  18. Gyanban Says:

    Your choice of words to represent a thought or an idea are indeed impressive. I also liked your blog background. nice.

  19. frozenwell Says:

    I AM wondering you made it appear so simple..(although it isnt..)

    nice post..all the best..

  20. "life is a collection of a few hand picked dreams and every day in it is a step towards it" nice one and liked ur post a lot

  21. Chetan Says:

    good one, i liked reading it

  22. Thank U so much for voting for me.. Since this was my first time at Blog-A-Ton.. I am really flattered and thanks a lot once again :)