Relationships - Part 32 - Your "Sentiment" people

There are these people in our lives, who give you this feeling, that anything you venture out to do, they need to know. They may not help you with what you are going to do, they may not give you any piece of advice, but just their acknowledgement magically gives you a sense of confidence and a feeling of assurance that you are doing the right thing. You hold them as your lucky charm. You have chosen these people into this category, the only reason being that they mean nothing but the best for you.

There are some things in our lives, which give you this same feeling, It might be a thing that you need to see before you do our dearest thing. It might be a color that you like to wear before start something new. Thinking of it, sometimes sounds silly, but we have all done it some time in our lives.

After all , be it starting it by telling these "Sentiment" people, or taking your "sentiment" thing along, if it makes you feel good, then all will be well.

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