Relationships - Part 31 - The "Jabbering" people

You casually ask to these people "What s up?"
..and they rattle away to glory non-stop, totally unrelated stuff that you wouldn't even be remotely interested in.

You , just for the sake of striking a conversation, try to talk about something funny.
..they pick the chance and start either cribbing about something too trivial or try to express their strong opinion on something just so irrelevant to the context.

You, run into some common acquaintance or a friend, when with these people, and wave a hand,
..they start weaving stories about this person, without paying any heed, giving you updates about them, about how not-so-rosy is their relationship.

You are discussing something very light over a cup of coffee,
..they start a topic which will be totally unrelated to what is going on, the only reason for it being that they want to just talk, and don’t care whether you listen or even if you might be interested. You might visibly appear bored, sometimes when in a group, you might have even stopped nodding and got on to do something else, but they continue.

You give them an opportunity to start talking.
..they just don't stop.

They most often do petty talks over irrelevant or trivial matters, or even if they discuss something that might interest, you most of the time, even if you support/counter their views, you prefer not to talk and just end up forcefully listening. When with them, the otherwise very-talkative YOU remains shut, just nodding and grinning pretending to listen.

Sometimes, instead of getting annoyed by these people, I feel pity for them. Is it that they are so innocent not to realize that others are not interested in their jabbering talk and yet continue   or they know and yet continue doing it?

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