Relationships - Part 36 - The "Not-in-time" Relationships

You attend a farewell party or a "last-day-of" something party and you strike a chord of liking with somebody.

You go on a long tour with a group of people, and while the tour is coming to an end, you start enjoying somebody's company.

You meet someone new, when parting with a place or saying good-bye to that group, and you like their outlook on things and get lost in conversation.

You have studied together for years, but you make friends with these people only during the last few weeks of your parting time.

The feeling that you go through is regret on why you did not get a chance to meet these people earlier when there is so much in common and compatibility factor is so high. You got to interact with them or know only now and get to like them just when you have to part with them in a couple of hours/days. There is not much scope to even continue the friendship with them because it feels weird when there is not much closeness achieved, though you like them a great deal. This is what I like to term as "Not-in-time" relationships and these kind of relationships got a mention in my "Missed relationships" post like the ones you just missed making on time.

All said, these people live somewhere in our minds in one of those circles drawn around ourselves.

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  1. Dina Says:

    Hmmm can't agree more . There are handful of people with whom I have felt so.I'm afraid to take this relationship to next level by means of staying in touch or what ever it takes , because i was not sure whether the other person too has the same feelings like me!