Relationships - Part 33 - "Stranger Turned to Being Liked" people.

There are some people whom you get introduced and talk to for the first time and start liking them a great deal. You like the way they engage in conversation to somebody unknown. You like the way they behave. You like their sense of humour. If you discussed anything serious, you like their take on the topic. 

They strike a chord of liking with you that you go back and think about them recounting your meeting with them and the memories fill you with a feeling of "a new friend found". These stranger people don't really have to have displayed any extrovert behaviour for you to like them, even their silence or some meaningful smiles or sarcastic sighs can make you develop this liking for them.

Another category of these stranger people are those whom you may not have even met or got introduced to. They might just be people whom you have just observed, like as a fellow traveler, watched them just as a friend of another friend, observed them as a colleague or any sorts. But you have observed them many a times, and all such times you have liked them. 

There are quite a few of these "Stranger Turned to Liked" kind of people in our lives. The first kind of people sometimes have become part of our closest circles. The second kind most often don't live in our memories for too long unless we see them on a regular basis. Though we have forgotten them, we know that they have existed in our life and they are one of our circles, just anonymous but.

They say something about First Impression, may be this is testimony that First Impressions matter.
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