Being alone is not being lonely

Alone times are good but they necessary are not lonely times.

They say, you can feel lonely even in a crowd, but I am not talk about being lonely in a crowd. I am going to talk about not feeling lonely when being a-lone.

Being alone is about a lot of time to think about yourself.
Being alone is about pampering yourself with an extra dose of chocolate pastry without feeling sinful about it.
Being alone is about not having to strike a "just-for-the-sake-of-it" conversation just to avoid some awkward silences.
Being alone is about sitting lost in thought recuperating about past, present and future.
Being alone is sitting on the lawn reading a book sipping a favourite drink not being mindful of the surroundings or the time of day.
Being alone and liking it means not complaining about waiting an extra 15 mins while waiting on a Queue.
Being alone and enjoying one's own company is about not having to reach out to the mobile to read old SMS Inbox and Sent Items.
Being alone and loving it is about not wishing for anyone not even your best friend to call and disturb your private time.
Being alone is about cherishing old dreams, dreaming new doozies, imagining a "pending" dream coming true and living it in your mind.
Being alone is all about feeling good, blessed, depressed, scared and all of it at the same time.

I had one of my alone times today. 

Watching musical fountain show lost in thought watching water, music flow in joy for over an hour, waiting for more than 20 minutes for Pizza without fretting and fuming, eating pizza by the lawn reading a book on iTouch, long walk back in a pleasantly cold night, all of this alone and all the while thinking about many things in life, the good times, the proud successes, the sorrowful failures, the heart breaking events, the soul-stirring moments, the broken promises, the scared to death times, these circles and how their boundaries merged and opened, and about how this list is never going to end as long I have a dream alive just with myself alone.

I had my alone time today after about over a year and enjoyed it. It is nice to do this at the end of a day, within the four secured walls of what I call work-place (though I don't work at this office every day) without having to think about safety and do the thing that I want any time of the day.

Post dedicated to this guest blogger who featured in my blog, a while ago, and to this "DREAMER" that the soul lives in.
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