Relationships - Part 34 - The "Positive vibe" people

There are people who always see the glass half full, don't crib about things however bad they may be tending to be but yet on the lookout to make things better, display eternal optimism and to say the least, have a highly contagious attitude. You just have to sit with them for a chat, during your happiest times or your tough ones, you don't have to tell them about your mood or anything, just strike a converstion with them about anything under the sun, you come back infected with a percentage of their enthusiam levels and think that life is rather insipid without problems. After you have had that chat and feeling geared up to face the fight with a brave smile, spread the cheer and enthusiam that they passed on to you around. I call them "Positive Vibe" people in my world

It is a like a perfume, you can't spread the fragrance unless you spray some on your self.

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