Relationships - Part 35 - The "Partners in crime" people.

These are people with whom you don't feel guilty about what you do only because they share that same quality and you don't get the feeling that you are the one enjoying some guilty pleasures.

When with them, you don't have to feel guilty about your three minute crush people, firstly because you share a similar taste for them, secondly because their list is longer than yours. Lastly, you either end up fighting with each other or rather ganging up with each other for it :).

When you go out shopping with them or when you are not planning your savings well, or don't keep a budget list, you don't feel guilty about it, because they are a shade worse than you.

When you put your hand out, for that extra share of pastry or ice cream, or for that extra round of vodka, while claiming to be a diet, they come fighting for their share too. So you don't feel like you are the only one who is gobbling those high calorie things.

Be it planning a classroom prank together, for that extra time in the bus stop / train station gossiping, tearing up magazines for posters, collecting heroes clippings and collectibles, or playing missed call pranks, fighting over/ganging up for the sake of the Three minute crush people , or for those "first time" trials for smoke or booze, they have been partners in crime in all from the most serious of things to the most funny/trivial of things. You have that never ending debate with them about who learnt these qualities from whom?

They are pillion riders with you on the guilt trips that you make for the sake of it, but you don't really feel guilty about them.

Who are your Partners in Crime?
Dedicated to my special "Partner in crime", My crime rate is so much on the low the last 2 years that you have been away.
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