Relationships - Part 26 - Tuppence and her blog

Tuppence invites her guest blogger, her inner soul to write about the relationship she shares with her blog.

After her relationship with her personal blog tended to more on the lines of her Left to Themselves relationship,  and her other anonymous blog which tended to become one of her Deteriorated relationships, Tuppence holds this one very dear.

She is love struck.
She has used NaBloPoMo as an excuse to pamper her blog , coming to it every day , and has today come to realize that she is love struck today . Like Hiyaa says here only her unfinished piled up work and her mind always being on this , and almost a whole month of sleepless nights has made her realize that she s love struck with this.

She thanks whole heartedly.
Tuppence thanks her followers and her regular blog readers specifically the Brisbane reader, the Dubai reader and the Chennai reader for their encouraging words.She also thanks her followers on Facebook Network blogs .

She misses..
Tuppence misses her Tokyo reader who has gone on an abandon-Tuppence vacation and also her not so regular (non-English speaking :) ) reader who has gotten busy and is not able to read her so often. Miss you very much. Can't wait for you to get back . When you do, remember to read from bottom.

She makes new relationships..
Tuppence has also made some new relationships with other bloggers through blog-a-ton , NaBloPoMo and blog rolls of other blogs. Though some of them are not so mutual like this, some others like this and some others from whom she draws inspiration from. In all ,Tuppence is really happy with this special relationship with her blog. This is one of her special Inanimate relationships but yet-so-intimate.

She draws her motivation..
Tuppence drew all her motivation from NaBloPoMo, the November challenge and wishes to make it known that the last month has been the most unforgettable one for her, experiencing, reliving, cherishing and missing all the different relationships in her life.

If you want to know the relationship that Tuppence shares with this guest blogger, her inner self, then watch out for tomorrow's blog on this space.

Tuppence's inner soul.

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