Relationships - Part 22 - The "Three Minute Crush" people

Inspired by this post here.

The god gifted sense of "female intution", racing thoughts when meeting people and the rushing adrenalin when one seems to "almost" fit into those imaginary shoes, designed in the mind by you , lot of parallel processing happens in the mind of a girl in those "Three-Minutes" that Suchi talks about in her column. All of us have had such moments , during our teenage times, during the meet-ups with friends of friends; Retrospecting on them, we come to realize how much of these really do matter.

The Tall, dark and handsome kinds OR the fair, lanky kinds, the "wuuuuaah" for the first three minutes, then in the next 3 hi-morning-smiles , goes to the dumps and when counting your list of best buddies, you realize the ever lasting and the true ones are the ones whom you don't even rememeber when first introduced to and the ones whom you don't realize that you have fallen for. These 3 minute judgement crushes only become an additional acquaintance with the name struck off from the crush list, sooner or later.

Whatsoever, there is a lot of fun associated with these kind of moments. All single women out there, can well relate to what I am saying here. Keep those eyes wandering and those ears open on all directions. After all, being single means ready to mingle.
Let us go and not feel guilty about these things in our lives, Guilty pleasures they are.
"It is a girl thing, you see".

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