Relationships - Part 28 - The Circles and their boundaries

I imagine the many relationships as circles, concentric ones,  intersecting ones. The boundaries that separate these circles, depending on their permeability levels, see the different layers and degrees of our character and this geometry in our lives is a very interesting one.

You make that conscious attempt and are using your intuitive best, to not let the undesired people enter any of the circles, that s when you are drawing thicker lines for them not to penetrate.

You start seeing the differences in the people who reside in the same circles, that is when you draw more concentric circles and fit them right.

You start realizing the mistakes you have made in letting some people in, that is when you open those boundaries, let these people out and close them in again.

You start seeing similarities and yet some differences in the people, that is when you start drawing some intersecting circles.

You , out of love and trust , with great joy let people from outer circles take on different roles in the inner circles, that s when you let some boundaries vanish or fade slowly.

You, give a special position to some one close to your own inner most circle, that is when you know that your gap is respected and are sometimes willing to bridge that gap.

That is the science of relationships in my world. I am extremely happy and feel blessed with the circles I have drawn around myself, the different boundaries that merged, the boundaries that I erased, the gap that was bridged, the boundaries that were thickened , the boundaries that were made thinner and the many layers of concentric ones that were made on the fly out of experience.
All of my circles are all my life's worth.

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