Beautiful - Part 3 - My beautiful Things, My beautiful books, My beautiful Book Memories

Came across this site, CallapidderDays which is currently hosting the Fall Into Reading challenge where in you can choose a reading list and challenge yourself to finish them before Dec 2009. Sounded like a lot of fun for me to pick up some of my most wanted reads. Here goes my list..and the theme of the book
Not a penny More, not a penny less. - Revenge
Gone with the Wind - Romance and interestingly had been originally titled "Tomorrow is Another Day"
To kill a Mocking bird - Prejudice, Racism, Innocence taken for granted.
My beautiful things/possessions are the books that have I read as I grew up. They are some of my beautiful memories. Reading a book is like living in that world , reciprocating on its theme and it really makes you feel good about yourself.  
CallapidderDays  was a great challenge to read some classics for this Fall.

From the days of reading more than the allowed one-book-a-week in school library by exchanging books from friends, getting caught for reading in class and having the book held captive for  more than a week, the Sydney Sheldon teenage times, being advised by my English teacher to read every novel twice first time skipping lines for the story, the second time for the vocabularly, swearing to only become a Doctor after having read the Robin Cooks, a lawyer after the John Grishams, lending library times and the not_getting_out_of_bed summer vacations. 

No latest e-book trend nor the high-fundoo iPOD can replace the joy of holding a book in hand and reading a book  sipping tea.
My beautiful things, my beautiful memories, my beautiful books.

5 Responses
  1. I agree that reading books is a fond memory for me, too. I remember the book-mobile that used to come to my small town when I was a girl. The selection was slim, but I devoured whatever they had.

    "Gone with the Wind" used to be my very favorite book. And I didn't read "To Kill a Mockingbird" until I was an adult - what a waste because it's a great book!

    Have a great Fall!

  2. Tweeterbird Says:

    I like your list. Don't know if I could get into those however.
    I thought the original name for `Gone with the Wind, was interesting. `Tomorrow is another Day`
    Thanks for sharing with us.

  3. Thanks so much for joining Fall Into Reading '09. I loved reading about your history with books, your memories. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Amy Says:

    I loved Gone With the Wind. Happy reading!

  5. Just Mom Says:

    Great list - although I am not actually familiar with the first one - will have to go check it out! Good luck with the challenge.