Beautiful - Part 7 - Beautiful Treasures

A thing of beauty is a joy forever. 

A moment of beauty is a joy forever by the gift of memory that the human mind is capable of. A thing of beauty is a joy forever when treasured and the memories those treasures can bring to you when looked at, after years or even decades.  

Some of my treasures:
School report cards and even answer sheets :) 
Handwritten letters shared with friends 
Pictures taken in photo studios 
Birthday cards with the year and month written in pencil behind 
Gifts saved with the wraps
First foreign currency 
Souvenirs ( even tram tickets, entry tickets to tourist spots, fridge magnets ) from around the world 
School uniforms 
Games - Scrabble tiles, Plot 4 coins, Ludo dice, Carrom coins. School and College Slam Books.  

All these things, bring back loads of memories and they being kept as treasures makes all those beautiful memories ever green in my mind.
My beautiful treasures, which help me relive my beautiful moments.

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