Tomorrow - Part 15 - Give light to a Tomorrow

All of us see Tomorrow as a bright ray of light. We see it as light because we relate light with hope, a dream dreamt, a wish realized and many such happy feelings. Today, I get reminded of the blind whose world is only that of darkness and whose Tomorrow is not about light at the end of the tunnel but as a feeling, a feeling of joy with relationships, love shared, greetings exchanged. From their smile, I infer even darkness is JOY. Light is non existent but yet there is a feeling of hope and rejoice in their tomorrows.  
But if you and I could give them that light, would it not complete their joy.  

Let the blind see their Tomorrow with your eyes when you are gone. Give light to another person's Tomorrow by donating your eyes. 

This is in special dedication to National Eye Donation day which is today 8 SEP. Don't wait to give somebody a bright tomorrow someday, Donate your eyes today.

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